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Argent Integrates Layerswap On Argent X

Users can now use Layerswap to bridge funds from centralized exchanges.

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  • Hackers steal 7,500 ETH in a Uniswap V3 phishing attack.

  • Celsius pays back $113 million in DeFi loans.

  • Lenstube launches on Polygon mainnet.

  • Optimism distributes Phase 0 governance tokens.

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Argent Integrates Layerswap On Argent X

Argent has integrated with Layerswap to enable CEX deposits onto the Argent X wallet. Argent X is a browser wallet for the StarkNet L2 network. Users can now use Layerswap to bridge funds from centralized exchanges such as Coinbase, FTX, FTX US, Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Kucoin, Bitfinex, and Kraken. Layerswap is a solution that allows users to deposit funds from a CEX into L2 networks

Optimism Distributes Phase 0 Grants

Optimism began distributing 36.6 million $OP tokens to Phase 0 projects that successfully requested tokens from the governance fund. In total, the governance fund consists of 5.4% of the total $OP supply. Slingshot, Clipper Exchange, Perpetual Protocol, and Gelato are among the projects that have already received the funds. The governance fund is broken down into two phases, with Phase 0 distributing 0.8% of the total $OP supply and Phase 1 distributing 4.6% of the total $OP supply. 12.3 million $OP remains in the OP wallet for Phase 0 distributions. The grants were designed to reward existing projects that have driven the growth of the Optimism ecosystem.

Hacker Steals 7,500 ETH From Uniswap Users

Uniswap LPs fell victim to a phishing scam resulting in a hacker stealing more than 7,500 ETH in V3 positions. An attacker airdropped malicious tokens to Uniswap LPs and manipulated data so that block explorers index the "From" field as the legitimate "Uniswap V3: Positions NFT" contract. The name of the token directed users to a malicious website that claimed the users could swap the tokens for UNI. The website directed users to sign a “set Approval For All” transaction, giving the attacker the ability to redeem the user’s Uniswap v3 LP tokens. The attacker then laundered the funds through Tornado Cash in batches of 100 ETH. Binance CEO CZ had mistakenly announced the attack as an exploit on UniswapV3. Uniswap creator Hayden Adams later addressed the issue as a phishing scam unrelated to the protocol itself.

Celsius Pays Back $113 Million In DeFi Loans

Celsius Network has paid back $113.1 million towards its DeFi loans on Aave and Compound. The company’s debt in DeFi protocols is down to $123 million, compared to $236 million last week. The loan repayments have allowed the company to withdraw 400k stETH from its collateral, which is currently worth about $428 million. Last week Celsius paid off a $41.2 million DAI loan on MakerDAO to unlock $440 million worth of WBTC. It remains unclear if Celsius plans to trade stETH for ETH, which would result in further losses to do a slight de-peg. User accounts on Celsius have been frozen since June 12th.

Tape Now Live On Polygon

Lenstube, an open-source video-sharing platform built on top of Lens Protocol, is now live on Polygon mainnet. Tape uses Arweave’s Bundlr Network to store videos permanently on IPFS. Anyone with a lens handle is now able to use Tape to watch or upload videos. Similar to Lenster, users can collect video content as an NFT. The platform allows creators to monetize by setting membership fees for their channel and being able to receive tips. Creators can also customize who can collect videos and associated fees. The social media platform features a YouTube-like user interface with the ability to subscribe to channels and like and comment on videos.

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