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ETH.LIMO Supports ENS Subdomains

It allows ENS subdomain holders to access their .eth domain over HTTPS.

Quick Take

  • ETH.LIMO adds support for ENS subdomains.

  • ENS domains hits 500k unique addresses.

  • Optimism releases a tool for conditional transactions.

  • Arbitrum releases a Nitro Testnet upgrade timeline.

ETH.LIMO Supports ENS Subdomains

ETH.LIMO now supports ENS subdomain certificates, allowing .eth subdomain holders to access their domain over HTTPS. Users can now automatically issue a certificate for ENS subdomains without having to request one from ETH.LIMO. Subdomains that have a content hash record already set will be issued a certificate by ETH.LIMO as soon as an HTTP request is submitted. Once the certificate has been issued, subdomain holders can visit their subdomain by adding “.limo” to their domain. The update allows any subdomain to work with

Optimism Begins Cycle 4 Voting

The Optimism Collective has started its 4th cycle of voting for governance fund proposals. Voting will remain open until August 3rd, marking the end of the final cycle for Season 1 of OP Governance. The current cycle features 6 proposals as part of Phase 1 governance funding. The proposals include Rocket Pool, Boardroom, dHedge, xToken Terminal, Beefy Finance, Byte Mason, and QiDao. Phase 1 allows any project on Optimism to submit a proposal for incentivizing future sustainable growth of their community on the network. Roughly 14 proposals passed during voting cycles 2 and 3 for Phase 1 allocations. A total of 197 million OP tokens will be distributed as part of ongoing Phase 1 allocations.

Drippie Conditional Transaction System

OP Labs announced the release of Drippie, a trust-minimized Ethereum-native conditional transaction system. Drippie can be compared to “If This Then That (IFTTT)” software, allowing transactions to be executed under certain conditions. For example, Drippie can be used to top up an account if a balance falls below a certain amount. The tool is built using smart contract automation tool Gelato Network. Drippie is fully open-sourced under an MIT license, enabling developers to build automated drips using Solidity. Drippie is already being used by the Optimism Warp Speed bridge to automate constant bridge transfers between L1 and L2.

Arbitrum Nitro Testnet Upgrade

Arbitrum has released a new version of the Nitro node required for running Rinkeby post-upgrade. The Goerli Nitro Devnet will be shut down on July 26th followed by a Goerli Nitro Testnet consensus update on July 27th, which will allow all Nitro nodes to be updated to beta.3 or later. Offchain Labs will then upgrade Rinkeby to Nitro on Thursday, July 28th. Arbitrum strongly advises developers to have their contracts deployed on Arbitrum Rinkeby prior to the testnet’s migration to Nitro. Offchain Labs plans to maintain the Rinkeby Nitro Testnet until Arbitrum One Mainnet has been upgraded to Nitro. Arbitrum aims to launch Nitro on mainnet within weeks of a successful testnet migration.

ENS Hits 500K Unique Addresses

ENS has hit a new milestone of 500k unique addresses with a domain name. 327k ENS domains have been registered so far this month, nearly triple the amount of registrations in June. The number of ENS registrations this July is set to surpass a previous record of 365k domain registrations in a given month. Over the past 25 days, 40k new addresses have become ENS domain holders.

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