Optimism Bedrock ZK-Rollup Compatible

Bedrock is agnostic to the type of Rollup proof used. It will be capable of using both an Optimistic and ZKP system.

Quick Take

  • Optimism Bedrock to support a ZKP system.

  • Tiffany & Co sells pendant NFTs.

  • Ledger to become compatible with MetaMask mobile.

  • Quadrata launches on Ethereum Mainnet.

Optimism Bedrock ZK Compatible

Optimism software engineer Kelvin Fichter shared a thread about Optimism Bedrock, stating that Bedrock has been designed to be able to transition from an Optimistic to ZKP system. Optimism Bedrock is a Rollup client that will introduce an EVM equivalent fault proof called Cannon. The upgrade to Bedrock is expected to reduce Optimism’s codebase down to ~500 lines. According to Fichter, Bedrock is agnostic to the type of Rollup proof used. It will be capable of using both an Optimistic and ZKP system. Bedrock aims to maximize chain security by removing its dependency on upgrade keys. Optimism plans to do this by expanding client and proof diversity on the network.

Tiffany & Co CryptoPunk Pendants

Jewelry maker Tiffany & Co is selling 250 NFTs exclusive to CryptoPunk holders. Each NFT is being sold for 30 ETH and will allow the holder to redeem it for a custom handcrafted pendant of their CryptoPunk The pendants will include a combination of 30 diamonds and gemstones crafted in the shape and color pallet of a CryptoPunk. Once redeemed, holders will receive a render of their pendant in October, with the custom pendant on a necklace chain and a certificate of authenticity shipped at a later date. Holders will also receive an additional NFT version of their pendant. If sold out, Tiffany & Co is set to generate 7,500 ETH in revenue, currently worth $12 million. The sale opens on August 5th at 10 AM EST.

Ledger Compatible With Metamask

Ledger and MetaMask are working together to enable support for Ledger Nano X hardware wallets on the MetaMask mobile app. Ledger Nano X is Ledger’s Bluetooth-enabled device with a slightly larger screen than Nano S. The feature will only work for Ledger Nano X wallets as it will use Bluetooth for connecting to MetaMask mobile. Once connected, users will be able to approve transactions on the MetaMask mobile app via clear signing with their Ledger Nano X. The hardware wallet keeps private keys offline and protected at all times. The feature is expected to roll out by Fall 2022. Last November, MetaMask enabled support for Ledger devices within its browser wallet after facing connectivity issues with Chromium-based browsers.

Quadrata Live On Ethereum

Quadrata, a privacy-preserving KYC network, has launched on Ethereum Mainnet. Users who verify with Quadrata will be issued a non-transferrable ERC-1155 NFT to be used as their Web3 passport. Applications integrated with Quadrata can check to see if a Quadrata NFT holder owns a passport, the country the passport was issued, and the user’s AML risk score. According to the project, personally identifiable information is not stored on-chain. Once users undergo a KYC process to claim a Web3 passport, it can be used across all dapps integrated with the platform. Quadrata recently raised a $7.5 Million seed round led by Dragonfly Capital.

Vyper 0.3.4 Release

Vyper, a pythonic EVM smart contract language, has released v0.3.4. The release includes bug fixes, optimizations, and refactoring. The update features abi decode, create from blueprint, and uint2str builtins. Several custom enum types were also added, enabling developers to track the status of their protocol's users. Vyper is the second-most popular smart contract programming language among Ethereum developers.

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