$1 Million In User Savings Since Bedrock

Optimism successfully upgraded its rollup to Bedrock on June 6th, enabling gas optimizations.

$1 Million In User Savings Since Bedrock

Quick Take

  • zkSync introduces the ZK Stack.
  • Developers to deploy additional EIP-4844 devnets.
  • Safe releases a transaction risk scanner.
  • $1 million in savings since bedrock.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

$1 Million In User Savings Since Bedrock
Optimism users have saved over $1 million in projected gas fees since the Bedrock upgrade went live, according to data from the OP Mainnet Bedrock Migration Impact Dashboard. Optimism successfully upgraded its rollup to Bedrock on June 6th, enabling gas optimizations, multi-client support, and multi-L2 chain support.

zkSync Introduces The ZK Stack

zkSync introduced the ZK Stack, a modular framework for building Hyperchains, which are custom ZK-powered L2 and L3 chains. The ZK Stack allows developers to choose their data availability mode, including onchain data with ZK Rollup or offchain data with zkPorter. It also supports using a project's own token for sequencer decentralization.

The ZK Stack is fully open-source and features native account abstraction, data compression, EVM compatibility, and hyperscalability through shared provers and fractal scaling. Matter Labs is currently piloting the ZK Stack with select projects and aims to upgrade its codebase to enable one-click hyperchain deployments.

Additional EIP-4844 Devnets Planned

Ethereum core developers agreed to deploy additional devnets for EIP-4844 due to issues with Devnet6. In the next week, developers will deploy Devnet7 as a reboot of Devnet6, but with successful hive testing. Devnet7 will not include a precompile change. Devnet8 will incorporate newer Dencun EIPs like 4788, 7044, and 7045.

Devnets serve as a testnet environment for EIP testing. After a successful fully-specified devnet release, developers will conduct shadow-forks as part of the final preparation ahead of the Dencun upgrade on mainnet. EIP-4844 will introduce blob transactions, a new transaction type that aims to reduce data costs for rollups.

Safe Releases Transaction Risk Scanner

Smart contract wallet provider Safe introduced a transaction risk scanner, a tool that automatically inspects user transactions and detects potential attack vectors. The scanner detects phishing attacks such as approve-related exploits, regulatory risks such as OFAC-blacklisted addresses, and suspicious smart contract behaviors.

For each identified risk profile, the scanner provides a description and requires users to manually opt into the transaction if they choose to proceed. The scanner uses DeFirewall, a risk assessment tool developed by the blockchain security firm Redefine. The scanner is currently available for Polygon with planned support for Ethereum.

Gitcoin Releases Impact Report

Gitcoin released an impact report highlighting notable projects funded through the platform, including EIP-1559, CoinCenter, Shamba Network, 1inch, and Tornado Cash. The report was released as a mintable PDF on Zora Network. A total of 3,715 projects on Giitcoin have raised $50 million in combined funding across 105 QF rounds.

Crypto-policy non-profit Coin Center has raised over $1 million from over 11,000 contributors on Gitcoin. Plasma Group, a small team of researchers focused on scaling Ethereum, also raised funding through Gitcoin in 2019. The Plasma Group team later evolved into building what is now known as the Optimism Collective.

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