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Base Mainnet Opens For All Users

Base, an OP Stack chain by Coinbase, is now open for all users.

Quick Take

  • Base Mainnet opens for all users.

  • Stader Labs introduces Liquid Restaked Tokens.

  • Fluent unveils its zkWASM Execution Layer.

  • Karpatkey launches a DAO treasury dashboard.

Base Mainnet Opens For All Users

Base, an OP Stack chain by Coinbase, is now available on mainnet for all users. Users can mint a commemorative “Base, Day One” NFT, marking the launch of onchain summer. According to Coinbase, wallets that mint an Onchain Summer NFT are eligible for a 60 day trial of Coinbase One, a program for reduced CEX trading fees. Users can visit to mint an NFT each day this month. The NFTs feature artwork with partners like Coca Cola, Atari, and OpenSea. Over 100 dapps and infrastructure providers are now available on Base mainnet, including Aave, Uniswap, and Balancer. Base is now the fith largest rollup with over $140 million in TVL.

Stader Introduces Liquid Restaked Token

Stader Labs introduced the Liquid Restaked Token (LRT), a synthetic receipt token that represents ownership of restaked ETH, including assets restaked on EigenLayer. Liquid Restaked Tokens increase capital efficiency by allowing holders to secure other applications, earn rewards, and further leverage their capital in DeFi. Stader Labs aims to address the challenges of node operation by introducing the LRT DAO, which will be responsible for selecting validators and staking services. End users will be able to deposit ETH and LSTs in exchange for LRTs. LRT contracts will then distribute tokens to various node operators and accrue rewards. Stader Labs is a liquid staking protocol that allows node operators to deploy a validator with as little as 4 ether and 0.4 ether worth of its native SD token. The protocol has its own liquid-staked token called ETHx. Stader plans to implement a multi-pool architecture similar to ETHx to facilitate the new restaking project.

Fluent zkWASM Execution Layer For Ethereum

Fluent unveiled its general-purpose zkWASM execution layer for Ethereum. Fluent seeks to allow developers to build apps on Ethereum written in Rust, TypeScript, and Go. Fluent consists of a ZK Rollup for scalability, WebAssembly VM for multiple language support, and EVM tooling for compatibility with existing infrastructure. Fluent is currently accepting applications for its early builders’ program ahead of a testnet release later this year.

Karpatkey Releases DAO Treasury Dashboard

Karpatkey, a DAO treasury risk manager, introduced its first public treasury dashboard, allowing users to track portfolio performance and token allocations. Users filter reports by month, year, and DAO. The monthly report provides a snapshot of capital utilization, farming results, and yield. Karpatkey currently manages treasuries for CoW Protocol, ENS, Gnosis, and Balancer.

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