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Uniswap Wallet Integrates MEV Blocker

Swap protection shields users from front-running and sandwich attacks.

Quick Take

  • Polygon proposes for Celo to build on Polygon CDK.

  • Uniswap Wallet integrates MEV Blocker.

  • Kwenta Staking V2 goes live.

  • Vote to deploy Aave V3 on Polygon ZK-EVM.

Uniswap Wallet Integrates MEV Blocker

Uniswap Wallet integrated swap protection as a default feature on all Ethereum Mainnet transactions. Swap protection shields users from front-running and sandwich attacks. The added protection layer may result in slightly higher auto slippage for certain swaps to help increase the chances of a successful transaction. Swap protection is powered through the MEV Blocker RPC endpoint from CoW Protocol. MEV Blocker directs user transactions to a private mempool and even refunds users a portion of the MEV generated from their transactions. Swap protection is only available in Uniswap Wallet mobile. Users can disable the feature if desired.

Proposal For Celo To Launch On Polygon CDK

Polygon Co-Founder Sandeep Nailwal published a proposal seeking for the Celo Ecosystem to consider the deployment of its Layer 2 solution as a ZK-powered chain using Polygon CDK. The transition would provide Celo with EVM-equivalent compatibility, enhanced security through ZK proofs, low-cost transaction fees, and interoperability with other ZK-powered chains. Nailwal also offered implementation partners to support Celo core developers in deploying a CDK-based chain. The proposal comes after Celo Labs' own proposal to transform its L1 into an L2 network based on the OP Stack with EigenDA for data availability. Celo is an EVM L1 chain focused on payment infrastructure.

Kwenta Staking V2 Goes Live

Kwenta launched Staking V2, an upgrade to a new set of smart contracts that introduce a checkpoint system for tracking staked balances. The upgrade introduces the ability to transfer escrow entries, a two-week cooldown for unstaking, support for smart contract-based staking, early vesting, and auto-compounding rewards. Kwenta V1 stakers are required to manually migrate their positions to the new V2 contracts in order to continue receiving rewards. Only KWENTA staked in the v2 contracts will count towards DAO voting power. Kwenta is an Optimism-native perpetual DEX built on Synthetix.

Proposal To Deploy Aave V3 On Polygon ZK-EVM

A snapshot proposal to deploy Aave V3 on Polygon ZK-EVM is now open for voting. The initial deployment seeks to support WETH, WMATIC, and USDC as collateral for borrowing USDC. The deployment aims to expand Aave’s presence across L2 networks. Polygon ZK-EVM is an EVM-equivalent ZK Rollup with just over $18 million in TVL

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