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Dencun Successfully Activates On Holešky

The upgrade was seamless, aside from a minor drop in node participation.

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  • Dencun activates on Holešky.

  • EPF Study Group program.

  • RIP-7212 goes live on Polygon Mumbai.

  • EigenLayer reaches $4.5b TVL.

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Dencun Successfully Activates On Holešky

The Dencun upgrade has been successfully activated on the Holešky testnet, representing the final testnet to undergo the upgrade before it's rolled out on mainnet. The upgrade was initiated at epoch 29696 and finalized within minutes, introducing blobs to the testnet. The upgrade was seamless, aside from a minor drop in node participation. Dencun consists of the Cancun upgrade on the execution layer and the Deneb upgrade on the consensus layer. The upgrade activates blob transactions, transient storage, and a new BLOBBASEFEE opcode, among other updates. Core developers will select a date for the mainnet activation during tomorrow’s core devs call.

Ethereum Protocol Fellowship Study Group

The Ethereum Foundation launched the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship Study Group (EFPsg), a ten-week program intended to serve as a prerequisite to the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EFP). The program seeks to enhance developer onboarding by offering a curriculum on Ethereum's architecture and developmental roadmap. The Ethereum Protocol Fellowship is an annual mentorship program designed to help developers find their role within the realm of core protocol development. Participants in the program gain access to mentors from the core development community and may also qualify for a stipend. The study group will run from February 19th to April 29th.

RIP-7212 Goes Live On Polygon

Rollup Improvement Proposal (RIP) 7212, a rollup standard that introduces a method for secure and economical signature verifications using the secp256r1 elliptic curve, is now live on Polygon's Mumbai testnet. Designed to enhance account abstraction, RIP-7212 significantly reduces the cost of signature verification through widely utilized tools such as WebAuthn. The proposal stands out as the first rollup improvement proposal to be implemented. Rollup Improvement Proposals are proposals are designed for Layer 2s and are cross-rollup compatible. RIP-7212 is also set to launch on zkSync, Optimism, and Kakarot ZKEVM.

EigenLayer Becomes 4th Largest Protocol

EigenLayer has risen to become the fourth-largest protocol on Ethereum in terms of TVL, holding over $4.5 billion in TVL from LST deposits and natively restaked ETH through EigenPods. The increase in coincides with the protocol's recent unpause of LST deposits. The amount of total staked ETH has hit a new all-time high of 30 million ETH, which is 25% of Ethereum’s 120 million ETH supply. The number of Ethereum validators is also approaching 1 million.

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