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Dencun On Mainnet Set For March 13th

Client teams will release new client versions in the next two weeks.

Quick Take

  • Dencun mainnet on March 13th.

  • Frax unveils Fraxtal L2.

  • Privy releases a mobile SDK.

  • Taiko commits to the Protocol Guild Pledge.

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Dencun On Mainnet Set For March 13th

In today’s all core devs call, core developers agreed to schedule the Dencun upgrade on Ethereum mainnet at beacon epoch 269568, which is set to occur on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, at 13:55:35 UTC. Over the next two weeks, client teams will release new client versions that support the Dencun upgrade. Dencun is recognized for introducing a new type of transaction known as blob transactions, established through EIP-4844. Also referred to as Proto Danksharding. EIP-4844 represents the first phase towards achieving full data sharding on Ethereum. It lowers data availability costs for rollups, thereby decreasing both transaction fees and disk space requirements.

Fraxtal L2 Built On OP Stack

Stablecoin protocol Frax Finance unveiled Fraxtal, its native modular layer-2 blockchain built on the OP Stack. Frax Finance also announced plans for a new $FXTL points airdrop. Fraxtal introduces blockspace incentives called as Flox. Users and developers can earn FXTL points on a per-block basis based on gas spend. Frax plans to integrate fractal scaling into its rollup. Fraxtal is also part of Optimism’s Superchain, committing to shared upgrades and public goods funding. Initial infrastructure being deployed on Fraxtal include Fraxscan, Safe, Chainlink, Axelar, and LayerZero. Frax Ether (frxETH) will serve as the native gas token on Fraxtal.

Privy Introduces Expo SDK

Privy introduced the Expo SDK, a react-native client library for integrating secure authentication and embedded wallets into mobile apps. Developers can use the SDK to implement web2 sign-in options, like email, SMS, or social logins, into their mobile applications. The SDK also supports signing, transaction execution, and recovery. The Expo SDK supports cross-client state sync, allowing users to seamlessly access their accounts on both web and mobile. Privy is an authentication development tool provider for integrating account abstraction features. The Expo SDK is now available in a production-ready release.

Taiko Commits 1% To Protocol Guild

Taiko committed 1% of its future token supply to Protocol Guild. The commitment comes in honor of the Protocol Guild Pledge, which advocates for new projects to donate 1% of their token supply to the collective of core Ethereum developers. Taiko is an EVM-equivalent ZK-Rollup that is currently live on testnet. P2P lending protocol PWN DAO also committed 1% of its token supply to Protocol Guild.

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