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Fluent Integrates EigenLayer AVSs

The first integration will feature EigenDA.

Quick Take

  • Fluent integrates EigenLayer AVSs.

  • TLX leveraged ERC-20 tokens.

  • Optimism surprise airdrop 4.

  • Prisma launches its LRT protocol.

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Fluent Integrates EigenLayer AVSs

Fluent, a zkWASM execution layer for Ethereum, is integrated its Fluentbase framework with EigenLayer's Actively Validated Services (AVSs). The first integration will feature EigenDA, EigenLayer’s native data availability solution. Fluent is also planning to include an AVS for EspressoSys's shared sequencing service. The Fluentbase framework allows developers to build custom EVM-compatible chains using zkWasm and offers design choices between rollup and validium architectures. Support for Wasm allows app developers to build using languages like Rust, TypeScript, and Go. Fluent is currently available in a private beta release.

TLX Introduces Leveraged ERC-20 Tokens

TLX introduced its leveraged token protocol powered by Synthetix perps. TLX allows users to gain leveraged exposure to an underlying asset by minting leverage tokens, which are composable ERC-20 tokens that are backed by Synthetix perpetual futures contracts. TLX offers up to 20x leverage across 50 supported assets. According to TLX, the leverage tokens can further be used across DeFi protocols and don’t require margin management. TLX is currently opening nominations for its council elections ahead of its official protocol launch and the introduction of the $TLX governance token.

Optimism Surprise Airdrop 4

Optimism unveiled its fourth surprise airdrop, allocating 10.3 million OP tokens to more than 22,000 distinct addresses. The airdrop was tailored for NFT creators, rewarding them for the gas expenses associated with NFT transfers from their NFT collections across Ethereum Mainnet, OP Mainnet, Base, or Zora Network. The qualification period spanned a year, from January 10, 2023, to January 10, 2024. Additional rewards were given to users who minted an NFT prior to 2023, engaged actively on the Superchain, and participated in the We Love the Art contest. Over 500 addresses secured the highest reward of 6,000 OP tokens. To date, Optimism has awarded over 255 million OP tokens through airdrops.

PrismaLRT Protocol Goes Live

Prisma Finance deployed its PrismaLRT protocol to mainnet, allowing users to mint its new $ULTRA stablecoin against LRT collateral. The launch features initial support for EtherFi’s weETH LRT with a mint cap of 20 million ULTRA. The new vault currently holds $300k in TVL. EtherFi is the largest LRT protocol with close to 500k ETH in deposits.

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