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Conduit Supports OP Stack L3s

Developers can now launch L3 chains that settle transactions on OP Stack chains.

Quick Take

  • Conduit L3 deployments.

  • Alchemy launches Modular Account.

  • Fuel to launch to mainnet in Q3.

  • EF opens ZK grant applications.

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Conduit Supports OP Stack L3s

Infrastructure provider Conduit now supports Layer 3 chain deployments on testnet. Developers can now launch L3 chains that settle transactions on OP Stack chains including Base, Mode, and Zora Network. To further reduce network fees, developers have the option to use Celestia for data availability. L3s offer lower computational costs and dedicated block space tailored for application-specific chains. Conduit released a commemorative NFT series across each of the networks to celebrate the launch of L3. Mode refers to its L3s as Mode Flares. Deploying a rollup to mainnet on Conduit incurs a monthly RaaS fee of $3,000.

Alchemy Introduces Modular Account

Blockchain service provider Alchemy launched Modular Account, a new smart contract account implementation that is compatible with ERC-4337 and ERC-6900. Modular Account allows developers to installl modular plugins for desired functionalities such as account recovery, multi-signature capabilities, and key permissions. Alchemy introduced two initial plugins: the Multi Owner Plugin for shared account ownership and the Session Key Plugin for temporary access permissions. ERC-6900 is a standard for composable contract accounts, while ERC-4337 is an account abstraction standard that introduces user operations and bundlers. Modular Account is accessible through Alchemy’s AccountKit SDK.

Fuel Mainnet Q3 Launch

Fuel Labs unveiled plans to launch its optimistic Layer 2 rollup protocol to mainnet by Q3 2024. Positioned as an operating system designed for Ethereum rollups, Fuel consists of the FuelVM, the Sway programming language, and the Forc Toolchain framework for building dapps. Fuel introduces native account abstraction and supports multiple signature schemes. Fuel combines features from different blockchain systems, like interoperability and security, into a single system coined as the rollup operating system. Further details about the project's launch will be released in the upcoming months.

EF ZK Grants Round

The Ethereum Foundation has opened applications for its first round of ZK grants, with a total of $900,000 available for research and development proposals focused on ZK proofs and standards for ZK Layer 2 solutions. The foundation is seeking proposals related to benchmarking the performance of proof systems, tools for forced inclusion, transpilers for zkDSL to Solidity, and multi-proofs systems. Applications can be submitted until March 18th.

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