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Span Batches Activate On OP Stack

The activation is part of the Optimism Delta upgrade.

Quick Take

  • Span Batches activate on the OP Stack.

  • Euler Finance releases V2 whitepaper.

  • Privy opens for general availability.

  • Uniswap issues ENS subdomains.

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Span Batches Activate On OP Stack

The Optimism Delta network upgrade has successfully been deployed to mainnet, introducing Span Batches for OP Stack chains. Span Batches reduce the fixed onchain costs of operating an OP Stack chain by encoding consecutive L2 blocks into a single batch, reducing the number of blocks posted to L1 Ethereum. The new feature yields significant cost reductions, especially for new or less active OP Stack chains such as Mode, which anticipates its fixed monthly overhead expenses to reduce from $200,000 to under $1,000, marking a cost reduction of over 90%. Optimism will also be EIP-4844 ready once the Dencun upgrade goes live on Ethereum.

Euler Releases V2 Whitepaper

Euler Finance unveiled its whitepaper for Euler V2, the second itteration of its lending platform. Euler V2 introduces a modular framework that supports the creation of customizable ERC-4626-compatible vaults. It features vaults designed for governed lending, ungoverned modular vaults, and escrow vaults for collateral without yield. The core components of Euler V2 include the Euler Vault Kit (EVK), which facilitates the development and linking of various lending vaults, and the Ethereum Vault Connector (EVC), which enables vaults to interconnect and serve as collateral for each other. This release follows the pause of Euler V1 amid a $200 million flash loan attack last year, from which the majority of funds were recovered.

Privy General Availability Release

Authentication development tool provider Privy officially launched its services for general availability. Now, anyone can use Privy's wallet connectors into their mobile applications to integrate secure authentication and embedded wallets. The launch includes Privy’s progressive authentication library, embedded wallet library, and web and mobile clients. Privy enables web2 sign-up options for end users, such as SMS, email, and social logins. It also supports web3 social logins through platforms like Lens and Farcaster. Privy's libraries have already been adopted by, OpenSea, and Zora to streamline wallet onboarding.

Uniswap Issues ENS Subdomains

Uniswap released free ENS subdomains, allowing users to turn their hexadecimal Ethereum address into a human-readable address. Users can claim their personalized uni.eth subdomain via the Uniswap mobile app on iOS and Android. Users can modify their ENS records to include an avatar, biography, and social media links directly from the Uniswap app. Claiming a subdomain is also gasless. Uniswap is the largest DEX by TVL with over $4.5 billion.

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