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Ethereum Mainnet Is Dencun-Ready

Ethereum node operators and stakers are required to update their clients.

Quick Take

  • Dencun-ready client releases.

  • AltLayer integrates Superchain support.

  • Obol releases 2.0 DV roadmap.

  • Uniswap unveils a browser wallet.

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Dencun Mainnet Client Releases

The Ethereum Foundation formally announced that the Dencun upgrade will activate on Ethereum mainnet at epoch 269568, occuring on March 13, 2024 at 13:55 UTC. Ethereum node operators and stakers are required to update both execution layer and consensus layer client software to the latest version compatible with Dencun. The foundation will also be hosting a community live stream during the upgrade's activation. The upgrade includes a total of 9 EIPs, with protodanksharding EIP-4844 being the most notable. Core developers have successfully deployed Dencun on the Goerli, Sepolia, and Holesky testnets over the last two months.

AltLayer Integrates Superchain Support

Rollup-as-a-service provider AltLayer integrated support for Superchain rollups into its platform. The integration enables teams to launch OP Stack chains that are part of the Superchain, with AltLayer managing and maintaining the underlying node infrastructure. The Superchain is a collective of OP Stack chains with shared security. AltLayer is also working with OP Labs to develop a new fault-prover based on WASM. This new proof mechanism will be available alongside OP Lab’s Cannon fault-proof system, adding a layer of redundancy. Multi-proof systems strengthen network security by reducing the vulnerability associated with a single point of failure.

Obol 2.0 DV Protocol Roadmap

Obol Network unveiled its research and development roadmap for the next iteration of its distributed validator technology protocol, dubbed Obol 2.0. The roadmap includes initiatives for shifting towards Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing, enhancing security against key leaks, and adopting more efficient consensus protocols. The roadmap also aims to support advanced mechanisms for block building and proposal and better support liquid staking protocols. The initiative is being pursued in partnership with Nethermind Research, which is set to develop its own implementation for Obol. By distributing a validator's key among several nodes, DVs increase Ethereum's resilience, ensuring continued validation.

Uniswap Extension Wallet Unveiled

Uniswap unveiled Uniswap Extension, a new browser wallet set for release in the coming month. The extension differs from existing options like MetaMask by integrating directly into the browser's sidebar, rather than appearing in a pop-up window. The feature allows users to carry out swap, send, and receive transactions directly from the sidebar of their browser. A waitlist for the Uniswap Extension is now open for users who created a uni.eth subdomain. Uniswap also rolled out support for limit orders on its DEX.

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