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Coinbase Cloud Supports Nethermind

The activation of Nethermind clients by Coinbase is scheduled to be rolled out this week.

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  • OpenZeppelin Defender 2.0 release.

  • Coinbase degraded performance.

  • Coinbase Cloud supports Nethermind.

  • ESP launches the 4844 data challenge.

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OpenZeppelin Defender 2.0 Release

OpenZeppelin released its Defender 2.0 security platform for general availability, allowing developers to integrate security tools, smart contract operations, and automate actions directly within their applications. Defender safeguards deployed contracts against known risk parameters. Defender features a Code Inspector, an automated tool that identifies and flags vulnerabilities. Code Inspector automatically generates comprehensive reports for each pull request, providing users with a detailed rundown of potential issues. The Defender Deploy API supports deterministic contract deployments across chains. Defender supports over 40 chains and customizable EVM network configurations. Users on the Defender 1.0 release are required to migrate to 2.0, as 1.0 will be deprecated by June.

Coinbase Suffers Downtime Amid Rally

Coinbase encountered degraded performance on its exchange amid a market rally. Earlier today, Bitcoin surged past $63,000, while Ethereum reached $3,500. The overall crypto market cap saw an increase from $2.3 trillion to $2.45 trillion. Coinbase users reported witnessing a zero balance on their accounts during the outage. Performance was restored on Coinbase approximately three hours after the surge. CEO Brian Armstrong stated that the team had prepared a traffic surge of about ten times the usual volume, but the recent influx of users surpassed that projection. Currently, the market has stabilized, with Ethereum trading around $3,340 at press time.

Coinbase Cloud Nethermind Support

Coinbase Cloud announced support for Nethermind and Erigon execution clients into its Ethereum staking infrastructure. The move follows a commitment regarding plans to diversify its clients beyond Geth. Coinbase aims to achieve an even distribution of execution client software across Geth, Nethermind, and Erigon. The activation of Nethermind clients by Coinbase is scheduled to be rolled out this week. Ethereum's multi-client philosophy serves to safeguard against the risks associated with reliance on a single client. Data from indicates that Geth dominates as the supermajority client with over 70% market share.

EIP-4844 Data Challenge

The Ethereum Ecosystem Support Program (ESP) launched the 4844 Data Challenge, inviting data enthusiasts to dive into the analysis and interpretation of insights from EIP-4844 data on Ethereum. The competition aims to gather submissions documenting the most compelling 4844 data insights in an easy-to-read blog post. Participants have until June 14, 2024, to submit their entries for an opportunity to win a share of a $30,000 prize pool. EIP-4844 is scheduled to activate on Ethereum mainnet on March 13th.

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