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Goerli Testnet Deprecation April 17th

Developers currently using the Goerli testnet are advised to transition their applications to Sepolia or Holesky testnets.

Quick Take

  • Goerli deprecation by April 17th.

  • Gitcoin 2.0 whitepaper.

  • Gnosis Chain reaches 200k validators.

  • Lens Protocol reaches 200k profiles.

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Goerli Deprecation By April 17th

In accordance with the Ethereum testnet lifecycle, the Goerli testnet will be deprecated by April 17th. Ethereum core developers had previously agreed to deactivate Goerli testnet validators either three months after the Dencun activation on Goerli or one month after Dencun activates on mainnet. Given that Dencun was activated on Goerli on January 17th, the three-month mark is on April 17th. Developers currently using the Goerli testnet are advised to transition their applications to Sepolia or Holesky testnets before Goerli's deprecation on April 17th. A new Ethereum testnet is rolled out every two years, with a maximum lifespan of five years for each testnet. Optimism will decommission the OP Goerli testnet on March 7th.  The Goerli testnet was initially deployed in 2019.

Gitcoin Releases 2.0 Whitepaper

Gitcoin unveiled its whitepaper for Gitcoin 2.0, the next iteration of its protocol that introduces new capital allocation mechanisms and extends support to more EVM-based chains. Gitcoin 2.0 shifts operations onchain, including governance, grant creation, management, and fund disbursement. It also introduces Direct Grants and Retro PGF as funding mechanisms Gitcoin 2.0 takes a modular approach to capital allocation, powered by the Grants Stack. The framework empowers communities to design custom mechanisms for fund distribution within their ecosystems. The whitepaper for Gitcoin 2.0 is now open for community feedback, prior to being ratified by Gitcoin Governance.

Gnosis Reaches 200k Validators

Gnosis Chain reached 200,000 validators on its PoS network, making the second-largest chain in terms of validator count, second only to Ethereum. Gnosis Chain, previously known as xDAI, is an EVM-compatible sidechain that uses DAI as its native gas token. xDAI was acquired by the Gnosis ecosystem in 2021. The sidechain shares the same architecture as Ethereum and is committed to Ethereum's values of decentralization, neutrality, and diversity. Gnosis Chain makes home-based validation more accessible by only requiring a single GNO token to become a network validator.

Lens Protocol Reaches 200k Profiles

Lens Protocol achieved 200k minted profiles on its open social-graph network. The accomplishment follows a surge of over 60,000 new profiles since the protocol went permissionless earlier this week. The permissionless launch enables anyone to mint a Lens Profile for 8 MATIC. Profile NFTs are built on the ERC-6551 standard, enabling content to be owned by the Profile NFT. Lens Protocol has been live on Polygon since February 2022.

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