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SEC Delays Ethereum ETF Decision

The SEC postponed its decision on BlackRock's application for a Spot Ethereum ETF.

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  • SEC delays Ethereum ETF.

  • Optimism 4844 savings estimator.

  • Paradigm writes on raising the gas limit.

  • EtherFi partners with Omni Network

ETH is up 4.5% over the last 24 hours, currently trading at $3,624 at the time of writing.

SEC Delays Ethereum ETF Decision

The SEC postponed its decision on BlackRock's application for a Spot Ethereum ETF. BlackRock filed a Form S-1 with the SEC last November for its proposed iShares Ethereum Trust. The Ethereum ETF would be traded on the Nasdaq once approved. The ETF provides investors Ethereum exposure without owning ETH directly. BlackRock intends to hold actual ETH, which will be held by the Coinbase Custody Trust Company. The SEC has up to 240 days to make a decision on the application. VanEck is one of the first asset managers to apply for an Ethereum ETF. May 23rd marks the final deadline for the SEC to make a decision on VanEck’s Ethereum ETF.

Optimism Releases Blob Savings Estimator

OP Labs introduced the Superchain Savings Estimator, a tool designed to compare transaction fees on OP Stack chains before and after the activation of the Dencun upgrade. Engineers at OP Labs anticipate a significant reduction in transaction fees to cents across all OP Stack chains once blob transactions are integrated. The tool allows users to input any transaction hash to simulate cost savings. Executing a swap on Uniswap on Base currently incurs a cost of about 60 cents, a figure expected to plummet to less than a cent. EIP-4844 blob transactions are slated to go live on Ethereum mainnet on March 13th, with support on the OP Stack coming the following day on March 14th. Users can access the tool at

Paradigm On Raising The Gas Limit

Paradigm released a research article about increasing Ethereum's block gas limit. The article explores the concept of state growth within Ethereum and its correlation with the gas limit. It distinguishes between state growth, history growth, state access, and the gas limit, each presenting distinctive scalability challenges. The document highlights Ethereum's scaling bottlenecks, hardware constraints, and gas limits, impacting various aspects such as network bandwidth, storage capacity, memory, and IO operations. Proposed solutions to address state growth include rollups, Verkle tries, and state expiry. The article advocates for an empirical approach for increasing Ethereum's gas limit.

EtherFi Partners With Omni Network

EtherFi, the largest LRT protocol with close to $2 billion in TVL, partnered with rollup interoperability protocol Omni Network. EtherFi committed to delegating $600 million worth of ETH to economically secure Omni Network by running as an Actively Validated Service (AVS) on EigenLayer and selecting EtherFi node operators. EtherFi’s eETH is also now supported on the Zircuit LRT restaking protocol.

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