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News Roundup - March 7, 2024

Conduit supports Arbitrum Orbit L3 chains on Base. Wallet providers join forces to further EIP-6963 adoption.

Quick Take

  • Arbitrum Orbit L3 chains on Base.

  • Unblock Crypto EIP-6963 initiative.

  • Velodrome launches Slipstream clAMM.

  • Base will support Dencun from day one.

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Arbitrum Orbit L3s On Base

Infrastructure service provider Conduit introduced support for deploying Arbitrum Orbit Layer 3 chains using Base as the settlement layer. Conduit's rollup-as-a-service platform offers customizable rollup configurations, granting teams the ability to configure the rollup framework, data availability solution, and settlement layer options. Arbitrum Orbit is a tech stack for the deployment of L3 appchains on Arbitrum AnyTrust chains and features the capability to use custom gas tokens. The L3 chains are designed to reduce computational costs and provide dedicated block space. Conduit offers the deployment of L3 chains on either the testnet or mainnet.

EIP-6963 Unblock Crypto Initiative

Over 16 ecosystem projects joined forces to launch, an initiative seeking to further adoption of EIP-6963, a standard for wallet connection to dapps. EIP-6963, which was finalized in October 2023, enables the discovery of multiple injected wallet providers and addresses existing conflicts with EIP-1193 wallets. Wallet extensions load in an unpredictable sequence when multiple wallets are installed. Zerion, WalletConnect, Rainbow, MetaMask, and Coinbase Wallet, among others, now support EIP-6963 to address this issue. Users can participate in the unblock crypto initiative by minting a commemorative NFT, with proceeds going to EIP authors.

Velodrome Launches Slipstream clAMM

Velodrome, an Optimism-native DEX , launched Slipstream, a new concentrated liquidity AMM designed for low-volatility and high-volume token pairs. Slipstream aims to capture a bigger share of daily trading volume on Optimism. Concentrated liquidity pools provide liquidity providers with exposure to higher volume and fees. LPs on Velodrome can now deposit into clAMM pools with VELO emissions ramping up in the coming weeks. The Slipstream implementation is based off of UniV3. The clAMM features a fee algorithm that adjusts according to market volatility. Velodrome is the largest DEX on Optimism by TVL with over $140 million in assets.

Base Day 1 Support For Dencun

Base announced that its Layer 2 rollup will support the Dencun upgrade from day one. Dencun represents the next upgrade for Ethereum, featuring EIP-4844, a proposal that dramatically lowers the data availability costs for rollups by up to 99%. The Dencun upgrade is scheduled to activate on Ethereum-mainnet on Wednesday, March 13th, at 13:55:35 UTC. Dencun will be implemented on OP Stack chains shortly after as part of Optimism’s Ecotone upgrade. Coinbase has played a role in contributing to the core development of EIP-4844.

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