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News Roundup - March 8, 2024

The DAI Savings Rate is increasing to 15%. Gnosis announces its Gnosis 3.0 roadmap

Quick Take

  • DAI Savings Rate increase to 15%.

  • Gnosis releases 3.0 roadmap.

  • Delv releases a Hyperdrive update.

  • EspressoSys introduces the Based Espresso.

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DAI Savings Rate Increases To 15%

MakerDAO governance approved an accelerated proposal to increase the DAI Savings Rate (DSR) to 15%, a 3x leap from its current rate of 5%. The DSR yield is paid by the protocol’s stability fees on Collateral Debt Positions (CDP), in which the new proposal also raises the stability fees for ETH, wstETH, and WBTC collateral types. The APY for borrowing DAI via the Maker’s Spark Lend market will also see an increase to 16%. The proposal is a strategic move to address the volatile market conditions and rising interest rates that have led to a demand shock for DAI. The changes are scheduled for implementation on Sunday, March 10, 2024, at 19:55 UTC.

Gnosis 3.0 Announces Roadmap

Gnosis released its Gnosis 3.0 roadmap, a new phase focused on transforming payments and financial infrastructure through a collective of aligned projects interconnected by the GNO token. Gnosis 3.0 shifts from infrastructure to applications that bridge the gap between onchain capabilities and real-world services. Gnosis 3.0 includes ventures such as Gnosis Pay and Gnosis Wallet, focusing on integrating with traditional financial systems. Gnosis began as a prediction market platform in 2015 that later transitioned into building Ethereum infrastructure, including Safe, CoW Protocol, Karpatkey, and Gnosis Chain.

Delv Introduces The Hyperdrive Protocol

Delv, a fixed and variable yield protocol, shared an update on Hyperdrive, its upcoming AMM designed to enhance capital efficiency and address the issue of fragmented liquidity in the market. Hyperdrive will feature on-demand terms, single-sided liquidity, and continuous liquidity provision. Hyperdrive users will be able to deposit assets for a fixed return, with the ability to sell their position early at the current market rate, deposit for variable yields by covering the fixed rate with an upfront margin payment or partake as a liquidity provider to collect trading fees. Delv is in the process of launching Hyperdrive on testnet.

Based Espresso Sequencing Marketplace

EspressoSys introduced Based Espresso, a marketplace for auctioning sequencing rights to a shared proposer. Based Espresso allows rollups to auction their sequencing rights to either based rollup, validium, or Ethereum L1 proposers. Rights to shared sequencing include participating in an auction for slots allocated to shared proposers, which in turn selects the entities for proposing the upcoming blocks for rollups, and a shared finality gadget that finalizes the proposed blocks and issues preconfirmations. Proposers who purchase the rights to be a shared proposer benefit from economic incentives such as MEV and arbitrage.

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