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News Roundup - March 11, 2024

Gnosis Chain activates the Dencun upgrade. Stack launches an L3 chain on Base.

Quick Take

  • Gnosis Chain activates Dencun.

  • Stack launches an L3 chain on Base.

  • Optimism We Love The Art winners.

  • Delivery At Dawn short film premiere.

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Blobs Activate On Gnosis Chain

The Dencun upgrade has successfully activated on Gnosis Chain mainnet, bringing Type 3 blob transactions to the Ethereum sister chain. The new transaction type can now be executed on Gnosis Chain, with being among the initial applications to leverage blobs, showcasing new use cases that are now possible. Blobs are part of EIP-4844, also known as Proto Danksharding, marking an initial step towards full data sharding on Ethereum. Blobs are designed to reduce data availability costs for rollups, leading to lower transaction fees and reduced storage requiremnts. The Dencun upgrade will activate on Ethereum mainnet this Wednesday, March 13.

Stack L3 OP Stack Chain On Base

Stack, a loyalty points management platform, introduced the mainnet launch of its points chain. Stack is a L3 chain, which operates atop Base using the OP Stack framework. It provides a scalable and low-cost solution for the execution of onchain point transactions. The chain was deployed through rollup-as-a-service provider Conduit. Stack introduces a specialized points protocol, consisting of a Solidity smart contract crafted to facilitate the creation and management of point systems. The protocol is integrated with Stack's user interface and software development kits. Stack successfully secured a $3 million seed investment for its points infrastructure platform.

We Love The Art Winners Announced

Optimism revealed the winners of its We Love The Art contest, awarding 1.2 million OP tokens among 68 distinguished artists. Receiving more than 7,000 submissions across AI, one-of-one, generative, and music categories, the competition marks one of the largest globally-accessible art contests. Eight artists secured the top prize of 50,000 OP tokens, currently valued at about $225,000.

Delivery At Dawn Premiere Release

Stateful Works released the premiere of "Delivery At Dawn," an animated short film produced by Nouns, Agora, and The Line, centered on EIP-4844. The film showcases characters from Ethereum ecosystem projects benefiting from proto-danksharding. Users can mint a commemorative NFT on Zora for 0.004844 ETH, with the proceeds allocated towards production costs and supporting the Protocol Guild.

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