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Thirdweb Superchain App Accelerator

A developer fund with $3 million in grants for builders on the Superchain.

Quick Take

  • Thirdweb launches Superchain App Accelerator.

  • WalletConnect introduces Email Wallets.

  • Applications open for the Summer Of Protocols.

  • MakerDAO Endgame kicks off this summer.

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Thirdweb Superchain App Accelerator

Thirdweb launched the Superchain App Accelerator, a developer fund with $3 million in grants for builders on the Superchain. The initiative aims to enhance onchain user experiences to facilitate smoother onboarding processes. The program will initially distribute $450,000 in gas credits for sponsored transactions on seven OP Stack chains. The program will gradually provide additional credits over time. The credits are intended to cover costs related to transaction fees, deploying smart contracts, creating NFTs, and accessing Thirdweb's tech stack, which includes in-app wallets, account abstraction, and IPFS storage solutions. Developers can apply for grants of up to $200,000.

WalletConnect Introduces Email Wallets

WalletConnect introduced Email Wallets, a new wallet onboarding solution within its Web3Modal SDK. Email Wallets offer instant wallet creation linked to email addresses with password-free security and 2-factor authentication. Users have the option to transition their email wallet to a self-custody wallet. Web3Modal a feature-rich SDK for connecting wallets to dapps that also supports ENS resolution and injected wallets. The integration allows users to access multiple dapps with the same email wallet. Initial dapps that support sign-in with email via Web3Modal include Peanut Protocol, Moso, and Oku Trade.

Summer Of Protocols Call For Applications

The Summer of Protocols (SoP) is returning for a second cohort, inviting applications for a four-month program dedicated to research and development in the realm of protocols. Funded by the Ethereum Foundation, this year's iteration is segmented into three tracks. Firstly, the Protocol Improvement Grants (PIGs) track is offering grants of $90,000 each to five teams of two individuals. Secondly, the Protocol PILL Challenge aims to promote protocol literacy through popular media, providing 20 creative grants of $1,000 each. The third track, the Partner Program, seeks collaborations with institutions through specialized workshops. A town hall is scheduled for March 20th with the deadline for applications set for April 12th.

MakerDAO Endgame Summer 2024

Rune Christensen, the founder of MakerDAO, released the launch strategy for the MakerDAO Endgame, a comprehensive protocol overhaul designed to boost DAI adoption. The first phase will introduce the SubDAO ecosystem, a new website and brand identity, the NewStable and NewGovToken, and the Lockstake Engine (LSE). SubDAOs are independent entities that can leverage MakerDAO infrastructure to their advantage. The introduction of NewGovToken will redenominate the MKR token at a ratio of 1 to 24,000. The LSE will offer rewards for the long-term locking of governance tokens. The first phase of the MakerDAO Endgame is planned for the summer of 2024.

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