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EigenLayer Road To Mainnet

EigenLayer will temporarily pause its web app and mainnet smart contracts to integrate operators onto mainnet

Quick Take

  • EigenLayer roadmap to mainnet.

  • Arbitrum activates ArbOS upgrade.

  • Clique introduces the compute coordination network.

  • EF announces the venue for Devcon VII.

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EigenLayer Road To Mainnet

EigenLayer unveiled its roadmap for the mainnet deployment of its protocol and EigenDA. EigenLayer is currently in the second of three launch phases. The first phase, which introduced restaking, went live on mainnet in June 2023. The second phase, which integrates operators into the protocol, is currently live on testnet. EigenLayer is transitioning its stage 2 testnet from Goerli to Holesky. In the coming weeks, EigenLayer will temporarily pause its web application and mainnet smart contracts to integrate operators onto mainnet, allowing for a gradual operator registration process. Next will follow the launch of EigenDA, initiating the third launch phase by introducing the first Actively Validated Service. Operators will then have the opportunity to opt into serve EigenDA. The final step involves enabling the onboarding of additional AVSs, marking the complete launch of EigenLayer on mainnet.

Arbitrum Atlas Upgrade Goes Live

The ArbOS 20 upgrade, also known as Atlas, is now live on Arbitrum mainnet, introducing support for Ethereum Dencun EIPs to Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nitro. The update significantly reduces Layer 2 transaction costs, offers cheaper transient data storage, and lowers memory copying costs. No action is required for application developers on Arbitrum. Arbitrum Orbit chains must deploy Atlas independently to incorporate the Dencun updates. A further reduction in L1 data posting fees will activate at 1:00 AM EST on Tuesday, March 19th, as part of Atlas. Arbitrum Stylus, a WASM-compatible programming environment, will launch to mainnet later this year.

Clique Compute Coordination Network

Attestation protocol Clique introduced the Compute Coordination Network, a system designed to allocate offchain compute tasks to multiple providers, tailored to specific application requirements. The network facilitates the integration of data from both onchain and offchain sources and features an auction-based mechanism for the selection of compute resource. Clique has also raised an $8 million Series A funding round led by Polychain.

Devcon VII Venue Announced

The Ethereum Foundation announced the venue for Devcon VII, which is set to be held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QNSCC) in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 12 to 15, 2024. The surrounding week, from November 9 to 17, will mark Devcon week, featuring a range of unofficial side events in the vicinity. Devcon is the world’s largest gathering of Ethereum developers.

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