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EtherFi ETHFI Airdrop Goes Live

Users can now claim the ETHFI governance token airdrop. EtherFi also launched alongside its Liquid yield-vault product.

Quick Take

  • EtherFi launches its ETHFI token airdrop.

  • EF final reminder to migrate from Goerli.

  • Gnosis Chain unveils uRamp.

  • Aavegotchi selects Base as settlement layer.

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Final Call To Migrate From Goerli

The Ethereum Foundation released a final reminder advising users and developers to migrate from the Goerli testnet to either Sepolia or Holesky testnets as soon as possible. Goerli was initially set to be completely phased out by April 13. However, the majority of node operators on Goerli have already decommissioned their validators. Network participation on Goerli has dwindled to below 5%. Goerli hasn't achieved finality since March 5th, which is the last time it reached a participation rate of over 66%. According to data from, Goerli stopped processing blocks on March 12th. Holesky is the first Ethereum testnet to be merged from Genesis and designed for testing validation and staking.

EtherFi ETHFI Airdrop Goes Live

EtherFi, the largest liquid restaking protocol by TVL, launched its ETHFI governance token airdrop alongside its Liquid yield-vault product. Eligible users who restaked ETH on EtherFi can now claim a share of 68 million ETHFI tokens. Users received a median of 175 ETHFI tokens. ETHFI has a total token supply of 1 billion. Roughly 27 million tokens were allocated to EtherFi partners. 55% of the token supply is allocated to investors and the core team behind the protocol. At the time of writing, ETHFI is trading at $3.29, which brings its Fully Diluted Valuation to $3.2 billion. An additional 5% of the token’s supply is allocated to a second airdrop season.

Gnosis Chain Unveils uRamp

Gnosis Chain unveiled uRamp, a fiat gateway that enables users to convert euros from their bank account into the EURe stablecoin on Gnosis Chain. The conversion is facilitated through Monerium, a regulated Electronic Money Institution and issuer of the EURe token. uRamp leverages LI.FI's liquidity aggregation to support asset conversion across Gnosis Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum. uRamp uses the IBAN standard for direct fund transfers between users' wallets and their Euro bank accounts, bypassing the need for centralized exchanges. uRamp also offers conversion capabilities for multiple EVM-compatible assets, including xDAI, wxDAI, GNO, MATIC, USDC, USDT, and WETH.

Aavegotchi L3 Chain Settles On Base

Aavegotchi, a blockchain game that integrates DeFi and NFT elements, has chosen Base as the settlement layer for Gotchichain. Originally developed using Polygon's tech stack, Gotchichain is an L3 chain designed specifically for gaming, set to support the Aavegotchi Gaming Console. The launch of Gotchichain is planned for the second quarter of 2024.

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