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EigenDA Launches On Holesky Testnet

Restakers, operators, rollup sequencers, and full nodes can now interact with EigenLayer on Holesky.

Quick Take

  • EigenDA launches on the Holesky testnet.

  • ConsenSys writes a comment letter to the SEC.

  • Fire sunsets its browser extension.

  • Missed slots post-mortem.

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EigenLayer Launches On Holesky Testnet

EigenLayer launched its restaking protocol and EigenDA data availability solution on the Holesky testnet, following the deprecation of the Goerli testnet. Users can now engage in restaking and operators can integrate with EigenLayer's infrastructure on the Holesky testnet. Rollup sequencers and full nodes can now interact with EigenDA on Holesky to post, retrieve, and verify data blobs. The launch also introduces Dual Quorum, a feature that enhances proof of stake network security by using two quorums. Dual Quorum reduces volatility risks and streamlines the process of bootstrapping a network. Initially, WETH can be used as a secondary staking asset, with plans to support native tokens for AVSs and rollups. EigenLayer is in the second of three launch phases and is anticipated to complete its full mainnet launch in Q2.

ConsenSys ETH ETF Comment Letter To SEC

Ethereum infrastructure provider ConsenSys submitted a comment letter to the SEC advocating for the approval of an Ethereum ETF. The letter counters the SEC’s concerns over potential fraud and manipulation, alongside concerns regarding Ethereum’s proof of stake consensus design. ConsenSys highlights Ethereum's security as superior to the frameworks supporting existing Bitcoin-based ETFs. The letter underscores Ethereum’s fast block finality, distributed validation process, high attack costs, slashing penalties, and environmental benefits. The SEC has a decision deadline set for May 23rd on VanEck's Ethereum ETF application. Asset managers like Fidelity, BlackRock, and Bitwise have also applied for an ETH ETF.

Fire Sunsets Browser Extension

Ethereum transaction simulator Fire announced that it will discontinue its browser extension on April 8th. Fire was a read-only browser extension that analyzed contract calldata to display a preview of what would happen if a transaction was executed. Over 60,000 users used the extension. Fire says it's shifting focus to build a non-custodial crypto trading app called Iceberg. Users are encouraged to transition to alternative security solutions.

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