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Farcaster Introduces Actions

A new feature for developers to build add-on extensions directly within Farcaster

Quick Take

  • Farcaster introduces actions.

  • Amicus briefs filed for Tornado Cash case.

  • TLX unveils its governance token launch.

  • MadFi raises a $1 million angel round.

Farcaster Introduces Actions

Farcaster introduced Actions, a new feature for developers to build add-on extensions directly within Farcaster. The release enables users to seamlessly install and activate Actions through a Farcaster Frame. Actions are already supported across multiple clients including Warpcast, Nook, and Buttrfly, as well as mobile and web clients. A new Action button has been added to every cast. Actions can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, such as interacting with databases or smart contracts and executing API calls on a user's behalf. Initially, only one Action can be engaged at a time. Among the first set of Actions introduced are upthumbs—a classic poke feature, USDC tipping, DEGEN token transfers, Farcaster ID verification, and the ability to gift Warps.

Tornado Cash Amicus Briefs

Crypto advocacy organizations Coin Center, DeFi Education Fund, and the Blockchain Association have each submitted an amicus brief in support of Tornado Cash developers in their ongoing legal battle. An amicus brief is a filing made by non-parties, offering insights that may impact the case's broad legal implications. Coin Center's submission argues that open-source software developers cannot control how their software is used by others, adding that the freedom to publish open-source code is a First Amendment right. The Blockchain Association's brief challenges the accusations of operating as an unlicensed money transmitter as the developers did not have control over the transactions processed by the platform. The DeFi Education Fund's brief addresses money laundering allegations, arguing that developers should not be held criminally liable for crimes by third parties.

TLX Governance Token Launch

TLX, a leveraged token protocol built on Synthetix perps, unveiled plans to launch its native token next week. Initially, 6% of the governance token's total supply will be dispersed through the initial airdrop. Upon claiming, the tokens will be immediately transferable without any vesting. TLX has a total token supply of 100,000,000. TLX says token farming won't be possible since the allocations have already been designated to users who voted in its ecosystem council elections and those who claimed liquidation points. An additional 4% of the token's supply is allocated as incentives over 26 weeks for users who lock their TLX tokens.

MadFi Raises $1m Angel Round

MadFi, a social platform leveraging Lens Protocol that enables communities to monetize through subscriptions, rewards, and revenue-sharing, has raised a $1 million angel round. MadFi is also behind $BONSAI, a memecoin on Polygon, with 10% initially distributed to active Lens profiles in early March. $BONSAI is currently used as an in-feed currency on Lens for NFT minting and tipping. MadFi will use the raised funds to further develop its platform and support ecosystem initiatives.

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