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EigenLayer Mainnet Goes Live

Restakers can now delegate their restaked assets to any of the protocol's registered operators.

Quick Take

  • EigenLayer and EigenDA go live on mainnet.

  • Relay launches Canonical +.

  • Correlated attestation penalties analysis.

  • Aerodrome Slipstream on April 22nd.

EigenLayer Mainnet Goes Live

EigenLayer, Ethereum's largest restaking protocol with over $13 billion in TVL, has rolled out support for stake delegation, operator registration, and Actively Validated Services (AVS) on mainnet. The release signifies the initial completion of the protocol's three-phase launch. EigenDA, which is EigenLayer’s native data availability solution, is also live on mainnet beta as the inaugural AVS. The launch excludes features for in-protocol payments from AVSs to operators or mechanisms for slashing. Restakers on EigenLayer can delegate their restaked assets to one of the protocol's 200+ registered operators. The final, production-ready version of EigenDA is scheduled for release in the coming weeks, with plans to onboard more AVSs in the coming month.

Relay Launches Canonical +

Relay, an instant liquidity solution for cross-chain bridging, launched Canonical +, a new feature designed to streamline the process of using canonical bridges for large asset transfers. Canonical + simplifies the user experience by removing the need to perform multiple transactions in the typical canonical bridging process. By collecting an upfront fee, Relay directs prepaid gas fees to a relayer who executes the subsequent and final withdrawal transactions. Although canonical bridges are known for their 7-day withdrawal delay, they offer enhanced security and don’t incur additional bridge fees. A Reservoir Dune Analytics dashboard shows that users have left more than $17.8 million in canonical bridge contracts due to not completing their bridging transactions.

Analysis Correlated Attestation Penalties

Ethereum researcher Toni Wahrstätter conducted a study on the effects of introducing penalties for validators with correlated behavior to discourage the centralization of node operations. Staking operators are incentivized to centralize due to the advantages of economies of scale. To counter centralization, Vitalik Buterin proposed an anti-correlation penalty. The penalty increases based on the number of missed attestations, aiming to deter the aggregation of validator operations. The study revealed that under the proposed penalty system, larger and medium-sized staking operations would incur higher penalties, whereas smaller staking groups would see a reduction in penalties.

Slipstream To Launch On Aerodrome

Aerodrome, the leading AMM on Base, unveiled plans to launch Slipstream, its concentrated liquidity AMM, on Monday, April 22nd. Designed for low volatility and high trading volume token pairs, Slipstream enables liquidity providers to capture a larger share of the daily transaction volume, increasing their fee earnings. Developed from the UniV3 codebase, Slipstream has already been deployed into Velodrome, the Optimism-native version of the DEX. Aerodrome is the largest DEX on Base with over $664 million in TVL.

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