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Arbitrum BOLD Goes Live On Testnet

A dispute resolution protocol featuring interactive fraud proofs.

Quick Take

  • Arbitrum BOLD goes live on testnet.

  • Reth AlphaNet open-source release.

  • Uniswap increases its front-end fee.

  • Caldera releases a roadmap page.

Arbitrum BOLD Goes Live On Testnet

Arbitrum Bounded Liquidity Delay (BOLD), a dispute resolution protocol featuring interactive fraud proofs, is now live on a public alpha testnet release. BOLD allows anyone to run a validator node, enabling permissionless transaction validation. BOLD protects against delay attacks by implementing a fixed upper limit of 7 days for resolving disputes. Delay attacks occur when malicious actors spend funds to delay the confirmation of transactions. With BOLD, honest validators can collaborate and pool resources to successfully win disputes, even when facing multiple malicious actors. Arbitrum Orbit chains will be able to adopt BOLD by updating their Arbitrum Nitro stack. Offchain Labs plans to launch BOLD on Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova mainnet in the Summer of 2024.

Reth AlphaNet Open-Source Release

Reth AlphaNet, an OP Stack testnet rollup for experimenting with EIPs, is now open-source. Reth AlphaNet supports periodic network resets and features three EIPs, including EIP-3074 for AUTH instructions, EIP-7212 for secp256r1 curve support, and EIP-2537 for BLS12-381 curve operations. Reth AlphaNet aims to surpass performance thresholds of one gigagas per second and address challenges related to state growth. The rollup is built on the Reth SDK and OP Reth execution client. The development roadmap for AlphaNet includes a hosted version on Conduit, distribution of modified Foundry builds, and experimental enhancements in wallet user experience via Rivet.

Uniswap Increases Front-End Fee

Uniswap Labs increased its swap fee to 0.25% for transactions made through its front end, except for certain token pairs like stablecoin-to-stablecoin and ETH to WETH swaps. The increase comes as Uniswap Labs received a Wells Notice from the SEC last week, suggesting that the increased revenue could help its position in future legal proceedings. The front-end fee is separate from fees charged by liquidity providers and the yet-to-be-activated Uniswap Protocol Fee switch. Since initiating a 0.15% swap fee on October 16th, Uniswap Labs has accrued about $12 million in total fee revenue. Over the volatile weekend, it generated half a million dollars in daily fee revenue.

Caldera Roadmap Page

Rollup-as-a-Service infrastructure provider Caldera released a roadmap page featuring recent upgrades and upcoming development plans. Caldera already supports testnet rollup deployments using Arbitrum Orbit, OP Stack, ZK, and Polygon CDK tech stacks. Caldera is also working to develop a production-ready version of its self-service platform, which will enable users to deploy custom rollups on mainnet.

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