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Lido Deploys Simple DVT Module

The module allows both solo and community stakers to become Lido Node Operators via Obol DVT clusters

Quick Take

  • Lido deploys Simple DVT Module on mainnet.

  • Scroll introduces the Bernoulli upgrade.

  • OKX launches X Layer on mainnet.

  • Smoldapp releases Smoldapp V2.

Lido Deploys Simple DVT Module

Lido Finance, the leading LST protocol with a 28.89% market share in staking deposits, launched its Simple DVT Module on Ethereum mainnet. The module allows both solo and community stakers to become Lido Node Operators using Obol DVT clusters. Lido has onboarded an initial cohort of 72 net new nodes to its network. According to data from Rated Network, Lido has had 290,000 active validators operated by 36 node operators. Over the coming months, Lido anticipates adding up to 250 new Node Operators. It also plans to roll out a Community Staking Module (CSM) that will offer permissionless access for Node Operators.

Scroll Announces Bernoulli Upgrade

Scroll, an EVM-equivalent ZK Rollup, introduced the Bernoulli network upgrade, an update that introduces support for EIP-4844 blob transactions. Data blobs use an independent gas market, providing up to 10x cheaper data availability costs for Scroll. The upgrade will also support the SHA2-256 precompile contract, which makes processing complex operations more efficient. The upgrade is set to go live on April 29th, 2024. Node operators on Scroll are required to update their client software before the hardfork. Scroll plans to further reduce gas fees in a future upgrade, which will introduce data compression enhancements and support for EIP-1559. Scroll is currently the fifth largest ZK-Rollup by TVL.

OKX Launches X Layer Mainnet

OKX launched X Layer on mainnet, a ZK-powered Layer 2 network built on Polygon's Chain Development Kit (CDK). The new chain is integrated with the AggLayer, Polygon's unified liquidity layer, allowing for asynchronous transactions across any connected blockchain. The native token for paying gas fees on the X Layer is OKB, the native token of the OKX platform. OKX plans to integrate bridging capabilities to X Layer in its self-custodial wallet. With over $25 billion in user assets, OKX currently ranks as the third largest crypto exchange in terms of 24-hour trading volume.

Smoldapp Releases V2 Portal

Smoldapp, a registry of small specialized dapps, introduced the second iteration of its application. Smoldapp provides interfaces for managing token distribution, disposal, and migration. The latest V2 release consolidates the dapps into a unified portal and introduces several new features including a locally stored address book, the capability to send multiple tokens at once, and the ability to disburse tokens in a single transaction.

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