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AVAIL Airdrop Claim Goes Live

Eligibility categories include developers, incentivized testnet contributors, Polygon PoS stakers, and rollup users.

Quick Take

  • Avail launches AVAIL airdrop.

  • Retro Funding Round 4 schedule.

  • Velodrome to launch on Lisk L2.

  • Optimism activates the MCP upgrade.

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AVAIL Airdrop Claim Goes Live

Avail, a data availability blockchain, launched an airdrop for its native AVAIL token. The allocation includes 600 million AVAIL tokens for users across the Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Avalanche, and Near ecosystems. Eligibility categories include developers, incentivized testnet contributors, Polygon PoS stakers, and rollup users on OP Mainnet, Arbitrum, zkSync, and Polygon ZK-EVM. Eligible users must claim their AVAIL by May 5th. Once Avail Network launches on mainnet, the tokens will be automatically disbursed to the claimed wallets. AVAIL will be used to pay for services, and enhance security through staking, and governance participation. Avail originated from within Polygon Labs and later became an independent project in 2023. Avail aims to provide a scalable and secure solution for data storage, using both validity proofs and data availability sampling (DAS).

Retro Funding Round 4 Schedule

Optimism released the schedule for its fourth Retro Funding round, which targets onchain builders. The application window will open from May 23rd to June 6th, with badgeholders set to vote on allocations between June 23rd and July 8th. The results will be announced on July 15th. The round will allocate 10 million OP tokens to projects that have increased demand for blockspace. The funding round is based on impact metrics, including engagement with repeat and high-trust score users, and attracting new users. To be eligible, applicants must have deployed contracts on OP Stack chains, achieved interactions with at least 420 unique addresses from January 1 to May 1, 2024, maintained contract activity for more than 10 days, and verified contract ownership on GitHub.

Velodrome To Launch On Lisk L2

Velodrome, the leading DEX on Base and Optimism, unveiled plans to expand its DEX to the Lisk L2 network. Originally launched as an L1 blockchain in 2016, Lisk has evolved into an OP Stack chain that focuses on real-world assets and the development of decentralized networks for physical infrastructure. Holders of $veVELO will vote on directing $VELO token emissions towards liquidity pools on Lisk. Lisk has also pledged to acquire a stake in $VELO and has committed $1 million in voting incentives to stimulate liquidity. The Lisk L2 network is live on testnet, with plans for a mainnet launch in the third quarter of 2024.

Optimism Activates MCP Upgrade

Optimism activated its Multi-Chain Prep (MCP) upgrade on mainnet. The update enables all chains within the OP Stack to reference a unified smart contract implementation. The feature allows L1 contracts to be upgraded across various OP Stack chains through a single transaction, enhancing upgradeability across the Superchain. The upgrade also introduces the dynamic discovery of contract addresses via SystemConfig, which improves the developer experience. The MCP upgrade was approved by OP token holders last month.

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