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DodoEx Introduces DODO L3 Chain

DODO Chain is built on Arbitrum Orbit, uses EigenDA for data availability, and is powered by AltLayer's restaked rollup framework.

Quick Take

  • DodoEx introduces DODO Chain.

  • CoW Swap opens SAFE limit orders.

  • Ethereum Protocol Fellowship recap.

  • Celo selects the OP Stack for CEL2.

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DodoEx Introduces DODO L3 Chain

DodoEx introduced DODO Chain, an L3 chain designed as an omni-trading layer. DODO Chain is built on Arbitrum Orbit, uses EigenDA for data availability, and is powered by AltLayer's restaked rollup framework, which enables native restaking yields on rollup deposits. DODO Chain aims to address fragmented liquidity by serving as a rollup-level liquidity layer. DODO Chain will connect to rollups from multiple ecosystems and consolidate liquidity into a unified platform. An initial testnet for DODO Chain has been deployed on AltLayer. DodoEx is a multi-chain swap aggregator that launched in 2020. Currently, DodoEx holds over $29 million in TVL.

CoW Swap Opens SAFE Limit Orders

CoW Swap, an MEV-protecting DEX, introduced support for SAFE limit orders, the governance token of SafeDAO, which is the leading smart contract wallet provider on Ethereum. Users wishing to buy or sell SAFE tokens can now place offchain limit orders on CoW Swap. The DEX aggregator will automatically execute the orders when the market price matches the set execution price. There is an initial order size limit of $100,000. SAFE tokens have been non-transferable since launching in September 2022, but the tokens will become transferable on the morning of Tuesday, April 23rd. The upcoming unpausing event will unlock 42% of SAFE's 1 billion token supply. Safe secures over $100 billion in assets across twelve supported networks.

Ethereum Protocol Fellowship Recap

The Ethereum Foundation released a recap of the fourth cohort of the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF), which involved 35 participants guided by 27 core developers. The cohort introduced 35 new projects, including a new consensus client developed in Elixir, enhancements to the verkle tree implementation in Nimbus, middleware applications, and updates to existing Ethereum clients. The EPF is an annual mentorship initiative aimed at helping developers dive into core protocol development. Applications for the fifth cohort are set to open in May. The EPF Study Group, a ten-week study program established to prepare participants for the main fellowship, is also ending this month.

Celo Selects OP Stack For CEL2

Celo Network, an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain, has selected the OP Stack as its tech stack to develop its L2 network. Following approval by Celo governance, a testnet deployment on the OP Stack will go live this summer. The initiative to migrate Celo's L1 chain into an L2 network was first introduced in July 2023. Since the initial proposal, cLabs has evaluated various rollup stacks, including Arbitrum Orbit, Polygon CDK, and the ZK Stack. The OP Stack was selected as the most suitable choice for Celo’s L2 transition due to its quick time to production, Ethereum alignment, and growth opportunities through the Optimism Collective.

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