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ENS Integrates .box Domains

.box is a top-level domain designed to link ENS domains with their corresponding ICANN domains.

Quick Take

  • ENS integrates .box domains.

  • Safe launches the Safe{Pass} program.

  • Spark Protocol introduces Spark Hub.

  • Renzo announces details for its $REZ.

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ENS Integrates .box Domains

ENS integrated the ability to discover and register .box domain names directly through the ENS manager web app. .box is a blockchain-native and ICANN-approved top-level domain (TLD) designed to connect ENS domains with their corresponding ICANN domains. The integration aims to help users shift from web2 to web3 domains. Once registered, .box domains are tokenized as NFTs on OP Mainnet, representing ownership of the underlying domain. The domains also retain traditional web functionalities through ICANN DNS resolution. Additionally, ENS DAO earns a referral fee for every .box domain registered through the ENS web portal.

Safe Introduces Safe{Pass}

Safe launched Safe{Pass}, a new incentive program designed to reward users for using Safe and interacting with the Safe ecosystem. Users can earn points by using their Safe smart accounts. Users who lock SAFE tokens will receive a points booster. The SAFE governance token is now transferable and has a market cap of $1 billion. Safe{Pass} users will be able to redeem their points for perks, such as early access to beta features, sponsored transactions, and exclusive event invitations. The first season of Safe{Pass} is live from now until September 30, 2024. Ecosystem Safe{Pass} partners include EigenLayer, ENS, Den, Euler, and DeFi Saver.

Spark Introduces Spark Hub

Spark Protocol launched Spark Hub, a revamped front end for interacting with MakerDAO-powered DeFi products. Spark Lend allows users to borrow DAI using high-liquidity collateral assets. Spark Lend features a single-step deposit-to-borrow flow, risk management tools, and a dashboard for monitoring positions. Spark Cash and Savings is a product that leverages the DAI Savings Rate (DSR) to create a banking-like service where users can deposit DAI, USDT, and USDC to earn yield. Spark Protocol is built on the Aave V3 codebase and taps into Maker’s DAI Direct Deposit Module (D3M) as a credit line for accessing DAI liquidity.

Renzo Announces $REZ Launch

Renzo Protocol, the second-largest liquid restaking protocol by TVL, announced the launch details for its REZ governance token. Starting May 2nd, eligible restakers will be able to claim REZ tokens based on their accumulated ezPoints. As part of the airdrop, 500 million REZ tokens, which represent 5% of the token's total supply of 10 billion, will be distributed. Renzo stated that users who sell their ezETH holdings before April 26th will not qualify for the claim. Wallets in the top 5 percentile will also have half of their tokens vested over 6 months. An additional 5% of the token supply will be evenly divided between a Binance launch pool and for liquidity. Since launching in the first quarter of this year, Renzo has attracted over $3 billion in deposits from 250,000 users.

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