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OP Fraud Proof Vulnerabilities Disclosed

Offchain Labs disclosed two security vulnerabilities in Optimism’s fraud-proof system on the OP Sepolia testnet.

Quick Take

  • Offchain Labs discloses OP vulnerabilities.

  • ApeCoin selects Conduit.

  • Over 15% of staked ETH is now restaked.

  • Renzo announces its second airdrop season.

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OP Fraud Proof Vulnerabilities Disclosed

Offchain Labs disclosed two security vulnerabilities in Optimism’s fraud-proof system on the OP Sepolia testnet. The flaws were reported to OP Labs on March 22nd. The vulnerabilities could have enabled a malicious actor to either validate a fraudulent claim or invalidate a genuine one within the fraud-proof system. The issues were related to management of time credits in the fraud-proof system, which could have been accumulated by dishonest parties. OP Labs implemented a fix on April 25 via an update deployed on the OP Sepolia testnet. OP Labs is concluding a security audit contest before it proposes deploying the fraud-proof system on mainnet.

ApeCoin Selects Conduit RaaS Platform

ApeCoin selected Caldera's rollup-as-a-service platform to launch ApeChain, a gaming-centric Arbitrum Orbit L3 chain. ApeChain will leverage Caldera's infrastructure and integrated services to manage its L3 chain and enable ApeCoin as the native gas token. Caldera’s toolkit includes a bridge interface, a block explorer, and on/off ramps. In the coming months, ApeChain will roll out several testnets, enabling early gaming partners to begin integrations. The first testnet for ApeChain will operate under chain ID 1798. The partnership comes as Yuga Labs CEO Greg Solano announced a company-wide restructuring, which includes layoffs.

Over 15% Of Staked ETH Is Restaked

A Dune Analytics dashboard shared by Tom Wan reveals that over 15% of Ethereum staked on the Beacon chain is now restaked through EigenLayer. The amount totals to 4.9 million ETH, valued at approximately $15.42 billion. Out of this, 3.1 million ETH is restaked natively, predominantly through liquid restaking protocols. 1.7 million ETH is restaked via liquid staking tokens, with Lido’s stETH accounting for 1 million stETH of deposits. Of Ethereum's total supply of 122 million ETH, about 26% is staked on the Beacon chain. EigenLayer first began accepting deposits into its protocol in June 2023.

Renzo Announces Season 2 Airdrop

Renzo Protocol, the second-largest LRT protocol by TVL, announced the details for its second points season, following the conclusion of the first season today. Users will be able to claim their REZ tokens from season one starting April 30th at 11:00 UTC. The upcoming Season 2 will allocate an additional 5% of the token's supply to users who earn ezPoints over the next three months. Participants from Season 1 will receive a 10% boost in their Season 2 earnings.

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