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Etherscan Introduces Address Cards

The cards provide quick access to information, including claimable airdrops and open token approvals.

Quick Take

  • Etherscan introduces Cards.

  • Caldera integrates zkSync’s ZK Stack.

  • EtherFi launches a market-neutral vault.

  • CZ faces a four-month prison sentence.

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Etherscan Introduces Address Cards

Etherscan launched a new feature called Cards on its address pages, offering quick access to specialized information, including claimable airdrops, open token approvals, and input data messages. The claimable airdrops card, powered by Bankless, shows the number of unclaimed airdrops and their estimated value. Users are then directed to the Bankless Claimables site to identify the airdrops. Reputable projects within the Ethereum community can add an Etherscan Card to display specific information about an address directly on the Etherscan explorer. Etherscan Cards are available only for EOAs and not for contract addresses.

Caldera Supports zkSync’s ZK Stack

Caldera, a rollup-as-a-service provider, introduced support for zkSync's ZK Stack, a framework for launching custom zero-knowledge hyperchains. Hyperchains are zkEVM instances that operate in parallel, settle on Ethereum L1, and connect through a shared bridge. The integration marks Caldera’s first supported ZK Rollup framework. The ZK Stack offers two data availability options, including onchain data with ZK Rollup and offchain data with zkPorter, and supports the use of a project's own tokens for sequencer decentralization. In addition to ZK Stack, Caldera already supports the Arbitrum Orbit and OP Stack frameworks for optimistic rollups.

EtherFi Launches Market-Neutral Vault

EtherFi, the leading liquid restaking protocol with $3.7 billion in TVL, launched Liquid Market-Neutral, a new managed DeFi strategy vault designed for stablecoin yield generation. The vault accepts deposits in USDC, USDT, DAI, and USDe, which are then deployed across Aave, Curve Finance, Gearbox Protocol, and As the vault's deposits increase, EtherFi intends to expand its yield sources to include Uniswap V3, MorphoLabs Blue, and Balancer positions. Market-Neutral is EtherFi's second vault strategy; its first vault focuses on generating yields from ETH and weETH deposits. The vaults automatically rebalance positions to maintain optimal yield.

CZ Faces Four-Month Sentence

A U.S. district judge sentenced Binance founder CZ to four months in prison. The sentence comes from a case initiated by the U.S. Department of Justice, which accused CZ of failing to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Although the DOJ initially sought a three-year sentence, the final decision was considerably less severe. Previously, CZ had used the number 4 to convey a message of ignoring fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

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