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Aave Introduces Aave 2030 Roadmap

A three-year roadmap for advancing the Aave protocol.

Quick Take

  • Aave introduces Aave 2030

  • Aave V4 Unified Liquidity Layer.

  • Redstone goes live on mainnet.

  • Agora launches its governance platform.

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Aave Introduces Aave 2030 Roadmap

Aave Labs introduced Aave 2030, a comprehensive roadmap for advancing the Aave protocol. The roadmap includes the launch of Aave V4, a Cross-Chain Liquidity Layer (CCLL), the introduction of the Aave Network, the integration of Real World Assets (RWAs) with the GHO stablecoin, and an updated visual brand identity. The proposal outlines a three-year implementation timeline. The strategic plan aims to maintain Aave’s position as the top non-LST DeFi protocol. For the first year, Aave Labs is requesting a budget of 15 million GHO and 25,000 stAAVE to fund development. The completion of the Aave V4 code is targeted for Q2 2025. The proposal is currently in a Temp Check phase and is open for community feedback.

Aave V4 Unified Liquidity Layer

Aave V4 is the newest evolution of the Aave protocol, introducing a Unified Liquidity Layer, a new architecture that centralizes liquidity into a single layer. The design enables Aave to support greater modularity, streamline governance, improve capital efficiency, minimize liquidity fragmentation, and more seamlessly integrate GHO. The upgrade includes Fuzzy-controlled Interest Rates, which automatically adjust based on market demand to optimize efficiency. Aave V4 also introduces Liquidity Premiums that adjust borrowing costs according to the risk associated with a collateral. It will also incorporate Smart Accounts to further enhance the user experience.

Redstone L2 Goes Live On Mainnet

Redstone, a gaming-focused L2 network built on the OP Stack, is now live on public mainnet. The launch features a native bridge, a Uniswap v3-based DEX called Redswap and an NFT marketplace called Redstone Market. The network uses chain id 690. Users can now bridge to Restdtone to mint a commemorative launch day NFT. Redstone is designed for ultra-low-cost transactions by using an Alternative Data Availability (Alt-DA). Instead of posting DA to Ethereum L1, Redstone posts a data commitment hash to L1 and maintains its input state offchain. It also features a permissionless challenge system to ensure data integrity and security. Users can now interact with the network through daily quests.

Agora Launches Governance Platform

Agora, a governance tooling platform optimized for DAO voting, is now open for general availability. Any DAO or decentralized project can now register to set up its own community governance portal via Agora. The portal features support for delegation, delegate profiles, delegate discovery, and proposal voting. Agora also announced a $5 million funding round led by Haun Ventures. Agora already powers governance portals for Optimism, Uniswap, and NounsDAO.

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