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Friend Tech Launches $FRIEND

The Base-native social app quietly released its V2 update alongside its FRIEND token airdrop.

Quick Take

  • Friend Tech launches its FRIEND token.

  • $70 million address poisoning attack.

  • LayerZero launches a self-report sybil program.

  • EigenDA onboards rollups to mainnet.

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Friend Tech Launches FRIEND

Friend Tech, a Base-native social application where users can trade profile-based shares, quietly launched its V2 update alongside its FRIEND token airdrop. Users who accumulated points over the previous eight months are now able to claim FRIEND tokens. FRIEND has a total supply of 72 million and a market cap of $130 million. Following its release, the price of FRIEND dropped to a low of approximately $1 but has since rebounded to around $1.90. Eligible users can instantly claim 10% of their airdrop and must follow at least 10 users and join a Club to unlock the remaining 90%. A Club is a tokenized chatroom featuring a custom price curve. FRIEND is used as the native currency for purchasing Club memberships.

$70 Million Address Poisoning Attack

A user lost $70 million from an address poisoning attack. The victim sent 1,155 WBTC to an attacker who spammed the victim’s wallet with a zero-value ETH transfer using an address that looks similar to their own. The attack vector aims to trick the victim into transferring assets to a similar-looking fraudulent address. In this case, the victim fell for the simple attack vector. Etherscan typically makes an effort to hide zero-value token transfers on its block explorer by default. However, some transfers can still slip through the filter. Users are advised to carefully verify addresses and refrain from copying addresses directly from Etherscan.

LayerZero Self-Report Sybil Program

LayerZero, a cross-chain messaging protocol, launched a self-report program for sybil users as part of its upcoming airdrop. The program rewards sybil users who voluntarily report themselves by granting them 15% of their intended allocation. Sybil users who fail to self-report and are identified by bounty hunters will forfeit their entire token allocation. Users have until May 17th to self-report. LayerZero is expanding the scope of sybil behavior to include more than just sybil factories. The protocol will flag the repetitive use of gas refueling dapps to appear active as sybil activity. LayerZero confirmed that the snapshot for its airdrop was taken on May 1st. LayerZero’s bridging protocol enables dapps to access cross-chain liquidity.

EigenDA Mainnet Rollup Onboarding

EigenDA, EigenLayer's native data availability solution, is now onboarding rollups onto its mainnet. Although still in beta, the onboarding process is intended to stress test the network's traffic capacity. EigenDA has 115 operators and 400,000 ETH in delegated stake from 42,000 re-stakers. EigenDA is set to be competitive with data blobs and will be production-ready as part of a general availability release in the upcoming months.

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