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MetaMask Introduces Smart Transactions

A new opt-in feature designed to protect against MEV and enhance transaction success rates.

Quick Take

  • MetaMask introduces Smart Transactions.

  • Arbitrum onboards security council members.

  • Erigon releases an update on Erigon 3.

  • Robinhood Crypto receives a Wells notice.

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MetaMask Introduces Smart Transactions

MetaMask introduced Smart Transactions, a new opt-in feature designed to protect against MEV and enhance transaction success rates. The feature shares a similar framework as MetaMask Smart Swaps, which uses a virtual mempool and employs an auction-based system where a network of searchers and builders compete to fulfill user requests. Transactions sent through Smart Transactions are not visible in the public Ethereum mempool. Users can monitor the progress of their pending transactions via the MetaMask portfolio dashboard. Smart Transactions are only available on Ethereum Mainnet and cannot be manually canceled or expedited. Smart Transactions can enabled in MetaMask v11.15 or later.

Arbitrum Welcomes Security Council Members

Arbitrum concluded its semi-annual security council elections, bringing in a fresh cohort voted by ARB token holders. Among the new members are Bartek, co-founder of L2Beat, Yoav, an Ethereum Foundation researcher, Fred, formerly of Offchain Labs, and security research firms Zellic, Certora, and OpenZeppelin. Comprising of 12 independent members, the Arbitrum Security Council undergoes bi-annual elections to rotate out six members at a time. The council is tasked with executing prompt protocol upgrades in emergencies. Upgrades initiated by the council bypass approval from the Arbitrum DAO, but are still subject to a short delay period.

Erigon 3 Release Update

Erigon, an Ethereum execution layer client, released an update regarding the upcoming launch of Erigon 3. With a shift to prioritize Erigon 3 development, the forthcoming v2.60.0 release will serve as the last major update for Erigon 2. Subsequent releases will focus on bug fixes or serve as release candidates leading up to the debut of v3. Engineered for optimal efficiency, Erigon 3 is designed for both full archive nodes and pruned node types. Erigon V3 code now resides in the main branch.

Robinhood Crypto Receives Wells Notice

Robinhood Crypto, the cryptocurrency trading division of Robinhood, has become the latest recipient of a Wells notice from the SEC. The notice accuses Robinhood Crypto of similar violations as Coinbase, Kraken, and Uniswap, such as the failure to register with the SEC. Robinhood says it has received and cooperated with the SEC’s investigative subpoenas and has made attempts to register a specialized broker-dealer. Despite the notice, Robinhood says that Robinhood Crypto is here to stay.

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