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Optimism’s Superchain Supports L3s

OP Stack L3s will have support for custom gas tokens and Plasma Mode.

Quick Take

  • Optimism supports L3s on the Superchain.

  • Arbitrum launches Stylus V2 on testnet.

  • Omni introduces Octane.

  • How to raise Ethereum’s gas limit.

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Optimism’s Superchain Supports L3s

Optimism now supports L3 chains on the Superchain, which is its network of OP Stack chains that have committed to shared upgrades and contribute sequencer revenue to the Optimism Collective. L3s will have access to Retro Funding, airdrops, and developer grants. Optimism is also rolling out custom gas token support for OP Stack L3s. L3s on the OP Stack will also feature Plasma Mode, an alternative data availability (DA) solution that allows chains to choose their preferred DA layer. Redstone is the first OP Stack L2 launched with Plasma Mode. L3 chains offer a more cost-effective solution for rollup deployments as transactions can be settled on an L2.

Arbitrum Launches Stylus V2 Testnet

Offchain Labs rolled out Arbitrum Stylus V2 on the Arbitrum Sepolia testnet. The V2 update features reduced gas fees, smaller contract sizes, improved tooling support, and new system operations. It includes support for transient storage and strengthens security by limiting the types of WASM programs that can be activated. Stylus is a versatile programming environment that enables developers to create applications and smart contracts using WASM. It supports high-level programming languages such as Rust, C, and C++. The Stylus V2 release incorporates a bridge, an RPC, and a block explorer, allowing developers to emulate their applications in production-like environments.

Omni Introduces Octane

Omni Network, a Layer 1 chain designed to connect Ethereum rollups, launched Octane, a modular EVM framework that enables the integration of various virtual machine architectures. Octane can be used as a decentralized sequencer for rollups deployed on Optimism, Arbitrum, and zkSync. The framework allows Ethereum's execution environments to be coupled with different consensus engines, supporting fast finality, low latency, and high transaction throughput. Octane is now available under the open-source GPL license.

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