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Vitalik On Multidimensional Gas Pricing

The model prices each resource, such as computation, storage, and data bandwidth, separately.

Quick Take

  • Vitalik outlines multidimensional gas pricing.

  • EspressoSys to support the AggLayer.

  • EigenDA will support EIGEN staking delegation.

  • Metal launches an OP Stack L2

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Vitalik On Multidimensional Gas Pricing

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin outlined multidimensional gas pricing as a potential solution for pricing resources on Ethereum. Prior to the Dencun upgrade, Ethereum operated under a one-dimensional gas model, where all operations and resources were measured and priced based on computational complexity. In a multidimensional gas model, each resource such as computation, storage, and data bandwidth is priced separately, introducing more efficient resource allocation, better transaction optimization, and improved scalability. Vitalik notes that it does come with complexities, higher development effort, and potential compatibility issues, adding that it's worth exploring more elegant solutions.

EspressoSys Supports Polygon’s AggLayer

EspressoSys is collaborating with Polygon to support the AggLayer on EspressoSys's sequencing marketplace and HotShot fast-finality layer. The AggLayer is a blockchain architecture that unifies liquidity across a network of chains. The EspressoSys sequencing marketplace allows rollups to auction sequencing slots to a shared proposer. The winning proposer gains the ability to curate entities for proposing future blocks on a rollup, thereby benefiting from economic incentives. The collaboration aims to optimize block construction and transaction confirmation speeds for AggLayer rollups, enhancing security, efficiency, and user experience for rollup users.

EigenDA EIGEN Staking Delegation

Claims for EigenLayer's EIGEN token will open at 10 AM PST. Following the claim, users can stake their EIGEN tokens through the EigenLayer web portal. EigenLayer's native data availability solution, EigenDA, will be the first Actively Validated Service (AVS) to accept EIGEN staking delegation. Users will need to delegate their stake to an operator that supports EigenDA. EIGEN, designed as an intersubjective work token, is currently trading at a pre-market price of $8.68 on Aevo.

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