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EVM Object Format Meta EIP-7692

A set of EIPs designed to add an opt-in container for EVM code.

Quick Take

  • EOF Meta EIP-7692 release.

  • CoW Protocol introduces programmatic orders.

  • Privy now supports passkeys for MFA.

  • Ethena releases its 2024 roadmap.

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EVM Object Format Meta EIP-7692

Ethereum core developers released a Meta EIP for the EVM Object Format (EOF), a set of about 11 EIPs designed to add an opt-in container for EVM code that enhances code validation and introduces new features. A Meta EIP serves as a central proposal that includes changes to both the execution layer and consensus layer for coupled upgrades. EIP-7692 outlines the scope for an initial version of EOF, referred to as Mega EOF. Ethereum's next upgrade, Pectra, is already set to include six EIPs, with EOF currently being considered for inclusion. In the upcoming ACDE call, developers will determine the potential inclusion of EIP-7702, an account abstraction update proposed by Vitalik Buterin.

CoW Protocol Programmatic Orders

CoW Protocol, the leading MEV-protecting DEX, introduced Programmatic Orders, a order new type that allows for the creation of multiple orders using a single signature. The orders are then executed when preset onchain conditions are met. The primitive underpins CoW Swap's TWAP feature and enables complex trading strategies to be automated and executed indefinitely. CoW Protocol also released the Programmatic Order Framework, a framework automating order setup. It includes the "WatchTower" relayer that automatically executes orders based on the predefined conditions. It offers significant cost efficiencies by enabling mass deployment of updates and orders. The Programmatic Order Framework is now available for developers to use.

Privy Supports Passkey MFA

Privy, a provider of authentication tools, expanded its multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities for embedded wallets by including support for passkeys. With MFA activated, any operation that accesses the wallet's private key, such as signing messages, sending transactions, exporting the wallet, or recovering it on a new device, will require MFA verification. Passkeys enable users to use biometric data for verification, enhancing security and experience. Privy also supports SMS and one-time password authentication apps as MFA methods. Privy's toolkit allows developers to integrate web2 sign-in options into their applications, including email, SMS, and social media login.

Ethena Releases 2024 Roadmap

Guy Young, the founder of Ethena Labs, released a 2024 roadmap focusing on three main objectives for USDe: establishing it as a widely used stablecoin within crypto, integrating it across decentralized, centralized, and traditional financial sectors, and developing an aggregated liquidity layer. The endgame for Ethena spans across three pillars: money, network, and exchange. As a form of money, USDe aims to become a leading digital currency. In terms of network, Ethena aims build a comprehensive financial ecosystem around USDe. And for exchange, it plans to leverage its capital assist new trading platforms. USDe is currently the fifth largest stablecoin by market cap.

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