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SDNY Arrests MEV-Boost Exploiters

Two brothers exploited a vulnerability in MEV-Boost software to counter-MEV $25 million from MEV bots.

Quick Take

  • The SDNY arrests MEV-Boost exploiters.

  • Cyber launches a social-focused L2.

  • Optimism introduces Blockspace Charters.

  • Relay now supports swaps across chains.

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SDNY Arrests MEV-Boost Exploiters

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York arrested two brothers who exploited a vulnerability in MEV-Boost software to extract $25 million from MEV bots. The exploit, which occurred on April 2, 2023, allowed them to counter MEV sandwich-attacking MEV bots, resulting in the bots losing out on their MEV. The case has sparked controversy over why it is considered a crime to exploit MEV bots, while it is acceptable for MEV bots to sandwich attack users. The key issue in this case was the exploiters' use of false validator signatures to carry out the attack. The brothers face up to 20 years in prison if convicted of wire fraud.

Cyber Launches Social-Focused L2

Web3 social network platform CyberConnect launched its social-focused L2 chain on mainnet, named Cyber. Built on the OP Stack and launched via the rollup-as-a-service platform AltLayer, the new chain features a beta release for Plasma Mode, an alternative data availability solution designed to enhance scalability and further reduce costs. Users can now bridge to the Cyber and mint a commemorative Cyber New Era NFT. Cyber uses chain ID 7560, named after rollup improvement proposal 7560, The Cyber platform features universal identity CyberProfiles based on ERC-721, programmable and monetizable social interactions, and a self-custodial ERC-4337 compatible wallet.

Optimism Introduces Blockspace Charters

Optimism introduced the Blockspace Charter, a new technical-focused framework for governing the Superchain. The framework aims to address the fragmentation of varying OP Stack-based chain configurations. A Blockspace Charter consists of technical inclusion criteria, governing policies, and precommitments to future upgrades. A Superchain Registry will outline which chains are part of the Superchain, ensuring transparency and accountability, with a beta registry set to onboard initial chains. Optimism will also implement an improved upgrade proposal process, which will now specify a Blockspace Charter on each upgrade. The first charter, the Standard Rollup Charter, will go live during Season 6 governance.

Relay Supports Swaps Across Chains

Relay, an instant liquidity solution for cross-chain bridging, now supports swaps across chains. Users can now swap between eight supported assets across 19 supported chains. By collecting an upfront fee, Relay directs prepaid gas fees to a relayer who executes the subsequent and final withdrawal transactions.

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