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Taiko Goes Live On Mainnet

The genesis block was proposed by Vitalik Buterin, featuring a special quote in the block’s metadata.

Quick Take

  • Taiko goes live on mainnet.

  • Aerodrome flips UniV3 in 24h volume.

  • Scroll introduces Economy Deposits.

  • L2 ecosystem reaches $48 billion in TVL.

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Taiko Goes Live On Mainnet

Taiko launched its Based ZK-Rollup on Ethereum mainnet, enabling users to bridge assets and interact with over 10 initial dapps currently live on the network. The genesis block of Taiko was proposed by Vitalik Buterin, featuring a special quote in the block’s metadata. Taiko is built on a Based Contestable Rollup (BCR) architecture, which features a versatile multi-proof system. Based rollups leverage Ethereum block builders for sequencing transactions. Currently, Taiko supports SGX proofs, with plans to support Risc0-zkVM and SP1 zkVM proof systems in the future. In the coming weeks, Taiko will open up its network for permissionless block proposing and proving. Users can currently participate in Taiko’s trailblazer program as part of its second airdrop wave.

Aerodrome Flips UniV3 Volume On Base

Aerodrome, a version of the Velodrome DEX deployed on Base, has outperformed Uniswap V3 in 24-hour trading volume on Base. Over the past day, Aerodrome saw over $200 million in trading volume, surpassing Uniswap V3's $152 million. With a TVL of $728 million, Aerodrome holds more than double the TVL of Uniswap's Base deployment. Aerodrome is part of the Velodrome Superchain, a MetaDEX serving as the liquidity and trading hub for OP Stack chains. Both Uniswap and Aerodrome deployed on Base when the network first went live in August 2023.

Scroll Introduces Economy Deposits

Scroll, an EVM-Equivalent ZK-Rollup, integrated economy deposits into its native bridge. The new feature allows users to opt-in for a batched deposit when bridging from Ethereum to Scroll Mainnet. Rather than executing deposits immediately, the system batches multiple deposit requests for up to an hour and then processes them all in a single transaction. The batched transfer saves users up to 50% on gas fees compared to bridging individually. Fast deposits are still available, with deposit times of up to 20 minutes.

L2 Ecosystem Reaches $48B TVL

The TVL across all Ethereum L2 networks reached a new record of $48 billion, more than doubling in the past five months. Arbitrum One remains the top rollup by TVL with $19.3 billion worth of assets. Optimism and Base lead in second and third place with TVLs of $7.9 billion and $6.9 billion, respectively. Linea, an EVM-equivalent ZK rollup by Consensys, has become the leading ZK-rollup by TVL, outpacing zkSync and Starknet.

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