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zkSync Criticized For ZK Trademark

Founders from Polyhedra, StarkWare, and Polygon, have co-signed a memo urging Matter Labs to withdrawal its ZK trademark applications.

Quick Take

  • zkSync scrutinized over its ZK trademark.

  • CoW Protocol introduces an MEV Scanner.

  • Base proposes the Fjord network upgrade.

  • Base announces Base Camp.

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zkSync Criticized For ZK Trademark

Matter Labs, the company behind zkSync, is facing scrutiny for submitting trademark applications for the term "ZK" in connection with encryption software. StarkWare noted that Matter Labs has already used the application status to persuade exchanges to assign the "ZK" ticker to zkSync. A dispute first emerged between zkSync and Polyhedra Network over the "ZK" ticker for their respective tokens. Founders from Polyhedra, StarkWare, and Polygon, have co-signed a memo urging the withdrawal of the trademark applications. In response, Alex G, co-founder of Matter Labs, claimed the action was a defensive step to protect users from bad actors. He further clarified that Matter Labs is seeking to work with the Ethereum Foundation to ensure the term “ZK” remains in the public domain.

CoW Protocol Introduces MEV Scanner

CoW Protocol introduced MEV Scanner, a new tool for checking if a specific wallet has been impacted by MEV. The tool can be used across X, Telegram, and Discord, enabling users to query the bot with their Ethereum wallet address to receive an MEV report. The scanner evaluates the amount of MEV extracted from an address and identifies the most affected AMM contract . The development of the MEV Checker was supported by the CoW Grants Program. To date, over $1.3 billion has been extracted from users through MEV on the Ethereum mainnet. Last year CoW Protocol introduced MEV Blocker, a free RPC service that directs transactions through a private mempool, shielding users from MEV attacks.

OP Fjord Network Upgrade

Roberto Bayardo, a Base engineer, proposed the Fjord network upgrade for the OP Stack. The upgrade includes the introduction of EIP-7212, which utilizes the secp256r1 elliptic curve for secure and efficient signature verifications, reducing gas costs significantly for smart wallet applications. Additionally, the upgrade incorporates Brotli compression to decrease data availability costs. EIP-7212 has already been implemented on Polygon and is expected to be supported by other L2s like Arbitrum and zkSync. The Fjord upgrade aims to further reduce overall transaction fees on OP Stack chains. Pending approval from Optimism Governance, the upgrade is scheduled to be implemented on July 10, 2024.

Base Announces Base Camp

Base unveiled Base Camp, a special two-day gathering starting on on July 31st in Idyllwild, California, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Base mainnet launch. The event is designed for builders who have either received Base grants or made substantial contributions to the Base ecosystem. Base Camp will feature a series of vision-setting sessions, lightning talks, live performances, and networking opportunities. Applicants accepted into the event will receive complimentary lodging, dining, and a ticket to FWB FEST 2024.

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