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PeerDAS Added To Pectra Upgrade

PeerDAS would activated in its own epoch, separate from Pectra. The strategy aims to avoid delaying Pectra, allowing PeerDAS to be activated later if needed.

Quick Take

  • PeerDAS added to the Pectra upgrade.

  • Uniswap FND delays a fee switch vote.

  • Matter Labs proposes the ZK Pledge.

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PeerDAS Added To Pectra Upgrade

Ethereum client teams have agreed to incorporate PeerDAS EIP-7594 into the upcoming Pectra upgrade. PeerDAS will be activated in its own epoch, separate from Pectra. The strategy aims to avoid delaying Pectra, with a decision on whether PeerDAS activates concurrently with Pectra or at a later date to be made in the future. PeerDAS is a data availability sampling solution that leverages existing peer-to-peer components, allowing nodes to access parts of blob data without downloading the entire dataset. This feature is especially beneficial for rollups. Pectra will be a packed upgrade, with eight EIPs confirmed for inclusion. EOF, which includes 11 EIPs, is likely to be part of it, and now PeerDAS.

Uniswap FND Delays Fee Switch Vote

The Uniswap Foundation postponed an onchain vote to implement Uniswap Protocol Governance, an upgrade that would introduce functionality for a protocol fee switch. Originally scheduled to go live this morning, the vote was delayed following the completion of three audits and a successful temp check vote on Snapshot in March. Just hours before the planned vote, the Foundation announced a delay until further notice, citing a newly identified issue that requires further investigation, although specifics about the issue were not disclosed. The upgrade is designed to allow a portion of pool fees to be directed toward users who have staked and delegated their UNI tokens. While this proposal would enable the fee switch functionality, activating it would require a separate, subsequent vote. Over the past three years, several attempts to introduce a fee switch have faced rejection.

Matter Labs Proposes ZK Pledge

Matter Labs, the company behind zkSync, introduced the ZK Pledge, a proposal aiming to ensure that the term "ZK" remains accessible and shielded from trademark squatters. The initiative seeks the establishment of a new community-managed legal entity to hold ZK-related trademarks, which then would issue free trademark licenses to all. Matter Labs has not agreed to retract its existing ZK trademark applications, but the company has committed to financially supporting the new entity and intends to transfer the ZK trademarks to it. The proposal comes after public criticism from the founders of Polyhedra, StarkWare, Scroll, and Polygon, who called out Matter Labs for attempting to claim the ZK trademark.

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