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CoW Swap Launches On Arbitrum

Users can now execute MEV-protected swaps on Arbitrum One. The launch features support for market, limit and TWAP orders.

Quick Take

  • CoW Swap launches on Arbitrum.

  • Taiko subsidizes near-empty blobs.

  • Avail secures $75 million in funding.

  • Coinbase Wallet expands payment links.

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CoW Swap Launches On Arbitrum

CoW Swap, an MEV-protecting DEX aggregator, is now live on Arbitrum as part of its L2 expansion. The launch features advanced order types on Arbitrum, including limit orders and Time-Weighted Average Price orders. Originally launched in April 2021, CoW Swap leverages a network of solvers to match peer-to-peer orders. Users create intents for their orders through signed offchain messages. The intents are then fulfilled by a competitive network of independent fillers striving to secure optimal prices. Orders are grouped and processed offchain in batches to reduce gas costs. CoW Swap plans to extend its protocol across additional L2 networks.

Taiko Posts Near Empty Blobs

Taiko, a based ZK-Rollup on Ethereum, is currently subsidizing thousands of dollars in transaction fees while posting nearly empty blobs to Ethereum L1. As a new chain, Taiko lacks enough user transactions to fill the blobs, which are posted roughly every twelve seconds. According to Blockworks analyst Dan Smith, Taiko is temporarily subsidizing fees to reduce latency. Some batches have filled less than 2% of the available blob space. Taiko has become a top purchaser of blobs, affecting the wider blob market. As a based rollup, Taiko depends on Ethereum block builders to sequence transactions. Taiko plans to activate based sequencing alongside its token launch on June 5th. Earlier today, Taiko Labs launched its Trailblazers Program, which allocates 10% of the total TAIKO token supply to users who engage in network activities.

Avail Secures $75 Million In Funding

Avail, a modular blockchain focused on data availability, announced that it has raised $75 million in funding across pre-seed, seed, and series A rounds. Avail originated from within Polygon Labs and later became an independent project in 2023, aiming to provide a scalable and secure solution for data storage, using both validity proofs and data availability sampling (DAS). It plans to use the fresh capital to further develop its unification layer. Avail Mainnet is anticipated to launch in the coming month.

Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase's self-custody wallet, has expanded its payment links feature to support over 100 ERC-20 tokens on Base. Users can now generate a payment link to send tokens via SMS. The recipient is given a multi-week window to claim the tokens. The tokens are automatically refunded to the sender if unclaimed.

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