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ZKsync Introduces ZK Token

695,232 addresses are eligible for a share of 3.67 billion ZK tokens, representing 17.5% of the 21 billion total ZK token supply.

Quick Take

  • zkSync introduces the ZK Token airdrop.

  • Polygon launches a 1 billion POL grants program.

  • Symbiotic unveils its restaking protocol.

  • Devcon VII program tracks announced.

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zkSync Introduces ZK Token

zkSync, an EVM-compatible ZK Rollup, introduced its native ZK governance token, which will also serve as the network's gas token. A total of 695,232 addresses will receive a share of 3.67 billion ZK tokens, representing 17.5% of the token’s 21 billion total supply. The distribution aligns with zkSync's commitment to allocate two-thirds of its total token supply to the community. The remaining third is allocated to investors and team members. Token claims will go live on June 17th with a gas-free claiming process. The airdrop is based on a snapshot from March 24th, commemorating the one-year anniversary of ZKsync Era mainnet. Eligibility criteria for the airdrop included interacting with smart contracts, using paymasters, providing liquidity, and using zkSync Lite. Users from external communities like BONSAI and DEGEN airdrop 1 recipients, as well as holders of Milady and Pudgy Penguin NFTs, were included in the airdrop.

Polygon 1 Billion POL Grants Program

Polygon launched a Community Grants Program, allocating 1 billion POL tokens to support builders on Polygon. The program aims to distribute 100 million POL per year for the next decade. A Community Treasury Board will oversee the distribution of funds, with grants awarded at the start of each month. Applications are now open for the first grants season, which includes a 35 million MATIC funding pool. Grants ranging from 5,000 to over 50,000 MATIC are available for developers who are currently building on Polygon or intend to migrate their projects. The season features a General Grant Track and a Consumer Crypto Track. The application window for season one closes on August 31.

Symbiotic Unveils Restaking Protocol

Symbiotic unveiled its shared security protocol featuring a flexible modular framework. Symbiotic enables networks to configure security parameters, including supported collateral assets, asset ratios, caps, node operator selection, rewards, and slashing mechanisms. Users can restake their assets on Symbiotic to earn rewards. The core contracts of Symbiotic are non-upgradeable and have been deployed on Ethereum mainnet. Symbiotic is offering protocol points to restakers who contribute to bootstrapping liquidity. In conjunction with its launch, Symbiotic also announced a $5.8 million seed funding round, co-led by Paradigm and CyberFund.

Devcon Programming Tracks

The Ethereum Foundation announced the programming tracks for Devcon SEA, which will include Core Protocol, Layer 2, Developer Experience, Coordination, Cypherpunk & Privacy, Applied Cryptography, Security, Real World Ethereum, Usability, and Cryptoeconomics. Applications for speakers open on July 9th and the first raffle-auction ticket wave starts next week, running from June 18 to July 9. Devcon VII will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand from November 12-15.

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