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Polygon Proposes zkPoS Phase 1

A proposal upgrade to connect Polygon PoS with the AggLayer using a new ZK verifier powered by Succint Labs' Plonky3 proving system.

Quick Take

  • Polygon proposes zkPoS Phase 1.

  • WalletConnect launches WalletKit.

  • 3DNS introduces Superchain Identity.

  • Chainlink CCIP goes live on Gnosis Chain.

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Polygon Proposes zkPoS Phase 1

Polygon introduced zkPoS Phase 1, a proposal that aims to connect Polygon PoS with the AggLayer. The AggLayer facilitates unified liquidity and security across a network of chains. zkPoS Phase 1 features a new ZK verifier, powered by Succinct Labs' Plonky3 proving system, which enables the AggLayer to validate network consensus. The integration would increase the AggLayer's TVL by more than $2 billion. Polygon plans to propose a formal PIP in the Fall, with plans to deploy the connection between Polygon PoS and the AggLayer by the end of this year. The move is part of a longer-term strategy to transition Polygon PoS into a zkEVM Validium.

WalletConnect Launches WalletKit

WalletConnect launched AppKit and WalletKit, its latest tools designed for integrating wallets into dapps. The release introduces several features such as social-login, one-click authentication, and in-app swaps. The Social Login functionality allows users to access dapps using their existing social media accounts, including Google, Apple, Facebook, X, GitHub, and Discord. The One-Click Auth feature streamlines the login process by enabling users to authenticate with just a single click, merging both the connection and authentication steps into one operation. One-Click Auth is compatible with web, iOS, Android, and React Native as part of WalletKit. Lastly, the Swap feature, powered by 1inch, supports multi-chain token swaps without having to leave the app.

3DNS Introduces Superchain Identity

3DNS introduced Superchain Identity, a set of new .super and .chain subdomains under the .Box blockchain-native TLD. The domains are designed to be compatible with both traditional web and onchain web infrastructures, supporting the functionality of ICANN accredited domains. The domains enable users to host websites, manage emails, and create unique onchain identities. Initially, 3DNS is offering and subdomains for registration at $5 per year. Looking ahead, the project plans to bid for the .super and .chain Top-Level Domains in the upcoming ICANN auctions. Superchain Identity domains will be built on Optimism's OP Mainnet.

Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), a standard for creating cross-chain functionalities using arbitrary messaging, is now live on Gnosis Chain. Alongside CCIP, the launch includes Chainlink Automation, which facilitates the automation of smart contract events through onchain triggers. Gnosis Chain, formerly known as xDAI, is an EVM-compatible sidechain that uses DAI as its native gas token.

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