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RISC Zero Launches zkVM 1.0

A production-ready general-purpose zkVM that can generate proofs for any program written in Rust.

Quick Take

  • RISC Zero launches its zkVM 1.0.

  • ZKsync ZK token claim goes live.

  • Paradigm releases Alloy v0.1.

  • Ternoa launches ZKEVM+ on testnet.

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RISC Zero Launches zkVM 1.0

RISC Zero launched zkVM 1.0, the production-ready iteration of its general-purpose zkVM. The system can generate proofs for any program written in Rust and is compatible with multiple chains, enabling proof verification on any chain. According to RISC Zero, zkVM 1.0 is more cost-efficient than competing proof systems like Plonky3, The launch of zkVM 1.0 features proof composition, onchain verification, and continuations. Leading up to the zkVM release, RISC Zero conducted a Trusted Setup Ceremony, underwent security audits, and published its verifier on several platforms including Ethereum, Base, OP, Arbitrum, World Chain, and Starknet. Developers can now use zkVM to create a ZK-powered dapp on any chain.

ZKsync’s ZK Token Goes Live

ZKSync's ZK token is now live, releasing 17.5% of its total 21 billion supply into circulation. At the time of recording, ZK is trading at approximately 22 cents, giving it a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of just under $5 billion. ZK currently ranks in the top 100 tokens by market cap, but its rank is lower than Starknet, Optimism, and Arbitrum. The token launch marks the start of ZKsync governance, enabling ZK token holders—referred to as the Token Assembly—to delegate, propose, and vote on protocol upgrades. Over 74% of the airdropped ZK token supply was claimed in the first 24 hours. ZKsync Era is an EVM-compatible ZK Rollup.

Paradigm Releases Alloy V0.1

Paradigm released Alloy v0.1, a suite of developer libraries for interacting with Ethereum. The release includes the Alloy JSON-RPC, Alloy Core, foundational type, and ABI coders. Alloy introduces a new Network trait that defines operations for multiple chains. Alloy also splits RPC behavior modification middleware into three abstractions. Alongside the software, Paradigm released resources, including the Alloy Book, AlloyDocs with detailed Rust documentation for each function in the repository, and practical code examples. With the introduction of Alloy, Paradigm is phasing out support for ethers-rs and is urging developers to migrate to the new framework. Paradigm will release APIs in the forthcoming V1 release.

Ternoa ZKEVM+ Built On Polygon CDK

Ternoa launched ZK-EVM+ on testnet, a ZK-powered L2 solution built on Polygon CDK, incorporating Avail for data availability. The new chain is designed to enhance security and privacy while maintaining full EVM compatibility. zkEVM+ also incorporates a hybrid coprocessor architecture that uses both ZK and TEE proofs. ZK-EVM+ was deployed using Zeeve, a RaaS provider.

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