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Harpie Introduces L2 Support

Harpie expanded support for it wallet security tools to Base, Arbitrum, and Polygon.

Quick Take

  • Harpie introduces L2 support.

  • Rainbow launches ETH rewards.

  • Blast releases its BLAST tokenomics.

  • Conduit raises a $37 million Series A.

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Harpie Introduces L2 Support

Harpie expanded its wallet security tools to include support for Base, Arbitrum, and Polygon. The expansion allows users to track their security score, activate two-factor authentication (2FA), and revoke token approvals on the new Layer 2 networks. The expansion incorporates Harpie’s threat address system, which includes over 100,000 addresses. To enable 2FA, users simply add and use Harpie’s RPC for their chosen network. The system monitors user transactions and, upon detecting a suspicious transaction, halts its onchain execution and notifies the user. Users can then decide whether to proceed with or reject the flagged transaction. Harpie aims to address the lack of security tools available for L2s.

Rainbow Introduces ETH Rewards

Rainbow Wallet launched ETH rewards for participants in its points program. The top 10,000 Rainbow points earners were awarded an initial share of 20 ETH, which can be claimed on the app's points page. Every Tuesday, Rainbow will distribute a portion of its platform revenue in ETH to the weekly top 1,000 points earners. The introduction of ETH rewards represents the initial phase of Rainbow’s three-phase launch plan. Rainbow acknowledged existing points earners, hinting that a snapshot of their contributions has been taken. Rainbow is a mobile and browser-based EVM wallet, targeting existing Metamask users.

Blast Releases BLAST Tokenomics

Blast, an optimistic L2 rollup, released the tokenomics for its native BLAST token, scheduled to launch on June 26 at 10 AM EST. The rollout will distribute 17% of the 1 billion total token supply as an initial airdrop to users who earned points on Blast and Blur. The community is allocated 50% of the token supply, which includes the initial 17% airdrop. Core contributors and investors are allocated 42%, and the Blast Foundation is allocated 8%. Since opening deposits in November 2023, Blast has reached a TVL of $2.9 billion from 1.5 million addresses. As one of the pioneering rollups to implement native yield, Blast holds ETH deposits into LSTs and channels stablecoin deposits into protocols like MakerDAO to earn yield.

Conduit Raises $37m Series A

Rollup infrastructure provider Conduit raised $37 million in a Series A funding round, co-led by Paradigm and Haun Ventures. Conduit's founder, Andrew Huang, says that since its inception in 2022, Conduit has facilitated 287 rollup deployments. Rollups deployed through Conduit secure over $1.2 billion in total value locked. Conduit plans to use the fresh capital to expand its engineering team and enhance its rollup-native infrastructure integrations.

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