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Hyperlane Introduces Restaked Interop

The Hyperlane AVS introduces a restaked interoperability framework that uses restaked ETH to secure cross-rollup interactions.

Quick Take

  • Hyperlane launches its AVS.

  • Paradigm releases Reth 1.0.

  • Privy launches cross-app wallets.

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Hyperlane Introduces Restaked Interop

Interchain messaging protocol Hyperlane launched its EigenLayer Actively Validated Service (AVS) on mainnet. The Hyperlane AVS introduces a restaked interoperability framework that uses restaked ETH to secure cross-rollup interactions. It provides rollups with access to fast, cost-effective, and economically secured bridge transfers. Hyperlane aims to address the fragmentation and security issues of bridging between rollups. Hyperlane enables the seamless passing of arbitrary messages and cross-chain contract calls and allows applications to set their own security measures. Hyperlane also supports permissionless expansion into different virtual machines.

Reth 1.0 Production-Ready Release

Paradigm released Reth 1.0, the first production-ready version of its Ethereum execution client written in Rust. Reth enhances the stability of Ethereum, featuring improvements in sync time, storage, and RPC throughput. Reth can fully synchronize an archival node from genesis in 50 hours, compared to several days for other clients. Paradigm says Reth is able to efficiently utilize resources across various operational settings. The implementation is inspired by clients like Geth, Erigon, and Akula. The upcoming Reth 1.1 release will include support for the OP Stack. Paradigm is also working on shipping support for the Pectra hardfork.

Privy Launches Cross-App Wallets

Privy introduced support for cross-app wallets, a feature that allows users to use their existing embedded wallet to log in to other applications. The feature enables interoperability by allowing users to access and manage their assets across apps. Once connected, users can verify ownership, sign messages, and execute transactions. The implementation includes initial integrations with app providers such as Zora, OpenSea, Fantasy, and Adimverse. Privy is an authentication tool provider for integrating account abstraction features. In a future update, Privy plans to extend support for adding embedded wallets into connector libraries.

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