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World Chain Developer Preview

Developers can apply for access to start building and testing their applications on World Chain ahead of a mainnet launch.

Quick Take

  • World Chain launches its developer preview.

  • Fileverse launches dDocs.

  • Superfest 1.5 million OP in incentives.

  • Safe launches a multi-chain gas station.

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World Chain Developer Preview

World Chain, an identity-focused L2 network built on the OP Stack, is now open for developer preview. Developers can apply for access to start building and testing their applications on World Chain ahead of a mainnet launch. Infrastructure providers Alchemy, Elliptic, LayerZero, EAS, and Safe have integrated support for World Chain. The Worldcoin protocol, currently operating on OP Mainnet, will require its user base of 10 million to migrate to World Chain once it’s open for all. World Chain will launch as a Stage 1 rollup with fault proofs and will have a 10MGas per block target with Reth as its execution client. World ID-verified users will receive a gas allowance enabled by the chain’s account abstraction features.

Fileverse Launches dDocs

Onchain file-sharing platform Fileverse launched, a decentralized word processor for peer-to-peer document creation and sharing. Unlike Google Docs, dDocs is privacy-preserving, featuring end-to-end encryption without requiring user accounts, although it offers social login powered by Privy. The platform incorporates ERC-4337 account abstraction, creating a Safe smart wallet for each account. Documents can be shared via links, and content is stored on IPFS, using Pinata Cloud. dDocs, which is open-source, operates entirely within the web browser, is mobile-friendly, and is compatible across devices. The initial v0.1 release includes ENS identity verification and the ability to share documents as Farcaster Frames.

Superfest 1.5 Million OP Incentives

SuperFest, a Superchain DeFi Festival hosted by Optimism, is now live. Users can participate in quests on OP Mainnet, Base, Mode, and Fraxtal to earn a share of 1.5 million OP rewards. The onchain event aims to highlight applications across the Superchain. Users can also claim NFT wristbands based on the chains used. Quests are accessible through a custom front-end developed by Jumper, allowing users to bridge, complete tasks, and claim OP token rewards. Participating applications include Aave, Aerodrome, Morpho, Silo, Uniswap, Kelp, Renzo, Swell, EtherFi, and Lido. The event will continue through the end of August.

Safe Multi-Chain Gas Station

Smart wallet provider Safe introduced a multi-chain gas station program that allows dapps who utilize Safe's Core SDK, API, or contracts along with the ERC-4337 module to sponsor gas fees on behalf of their users. Starting August 1st, developers can apply for gas credits, with up to $200,000 available for apps on Polygon and up to $50,000 for apps on Gnosis Chain. The implementation uses Pimlico’s ERC-4337 paymaster.

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