Study On Deactivating SELFDESTRUCT Opcode

Ethereum News Briefing for Thursday, May 25, 2023

Quick Take

  • Study on the impact of deactivating SELFDESTRUCT opcode.
  • Astaria launches its NFT lending protocol.
  • Uniswap deploys contracts on Sepolia.
  • KZG Ceremony nears 100k contributions.

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Study On Deactivating SELFDESTRUCT Opcode

Security firm Dedaub shared findings from a study on the impact of EIP-4758 and EIP-6780, which are proposals to remove the SELFDESTRUCT opcode from Ethereum. Both proposals seek to remove SELFDESTRUCT, however, EIP-6780 makes an exception for contracts created and destroyed in the same transaction.

The study found that EIP-4758 would break contracts for Celer Network, Gelato Network, and Axelar Network, among other protocols. Dedaub found that compared to EIP-4758, EIP-6780  reduces the impact of SELFDESTRUCT changes. Developers agreed to move forward with EIP-6780 for the Dencun upgrade.

Developers seek to remove the SELFDESTRUCT in preparation for future compatibility with Verkle Tries.

Astaria NFT Lending Goes Live

Astaria launched its NFT-backed lending protocol on Ethereum. The protocol allows borrowers to use NFTs from top collections as collateral for fixed-term loans. Liquidity providers can lend WETH to earn a yield. Rather than a peer-to-pool or peer-to-peer lending mechanism, Astaria issues individual loan terms on each NFT.

In addition to borrowers and liquidity providers, Astaria uses an additional entity called the strategist, which is responsible for writing loan terms, including the interest rate, loan amount, and maturity date. Astraia is using NFT appraisal firm Upshot as its strategist. The NFT loan terms are then used as a basis for liquidation.

Uniswap Deploys Contracts On Sepolia

Uniswap deployed V2 and V3 contracts on the Sepolia testnet. Contracts for Universal Router and Permit2 were also deployed. The deployment comes as the Goerli testnet is scheduled to be deprecated at the end of this year. The Goerli testnet has also experienced network congestion with gas fees as has as 7,000 gwei in some cases. In the past, developers have avoided launching on Sepolia due to a lack of infrastructure available.

KZG Ceremony Lowers Nonce Requirement

Ethereum wallets with a transaction nonce of 16 can now participate in the KZG Ceremony, an exercise that collects entropy from contributors to be used in a commitment scheme for proto-danksharding EIP-4844. The ceremony has already received close to 100k contributions. The ceremony re-opened for public contributions in April with a phased nonce requirement to prevent long wait times in the lobby.

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