Rinkeby Testnet Reaches End Of Life

Ethereum News Briefing for Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Quick Take

  • The Rinkeby Testnet reaches its end of life.
  • Spark Lend plans to increase its DAI debt ceiling.
  • Client teams introduce a new field for data gas calculation.
  • The validator queue wait time for staking surpasses 32 days.

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Support Ends For Rinkeby Testnet

In accordance with the Ethereum testnet lifecycle, the Ethereum Foundation will end support for the Rinkeby testnet on Wednesday, May 31st. Rinkeby is a geth-based proof-of-authority (POA) testnet that was launched in early 2017. Most infrastructure providers ended support for Rinkeby late last year ahead of its end of life this quarter.

Developers are encouraged to deploy on the Sepolia testnet. Goerli is the next testnet scheduled to be deprecated. The Ethereum Foundation aims to deploy a new testnet every two years with a maximum testnet lifetime of five years. Core developers are currently working to deploy the Holešky testnet by the end of this year.

Progress On EIP-4844 Implementations

During this week’s EIP-4844 implementor call, core developers agreed to introduce a new field called "data_gas_used" in the ExecutionPayload. Currently, normal gas calculations use the base fee from the current block header, while data gas calculations for blob transactions use data from a parent header. The new field aims to align the computation process for normal (EIP-1559) and data (EIP-4844) gas calculations.

Developers also discussed devnet6, a testnet environment for Dencun EIPs. Client teams requested an extra week to implement the new data field among other changes. EF Protocol Support engineer Tim Beiko suggested a "spec-frozen 4844-exclusive devnet" followed by devnet 7 and then testnet deployments if no major changes occur.

Spark Protocol To Increase DAI Debt Ceiling

A proposal to increase the D3M debt ceiling on Spark Protocol is now open for voting on Maker governance. The proposal seeks to increase the DAI debt ceiling by 15 million DAI on MakerDAO’s lending market. Spark Lend reached its maximum debt ceiling of 5 million DAI as users took out DAI loans at a 1.11% fixed interest rate.

If approved, the debt ceiling for DAI on Spark Lend would increase to 20 million DAI. Voting is also open on another proposal that seeks to increase the DAI Savings Rate from 1% to 3.33%. Voting for both proposals ends on June 6th. A rise in the DSR also affects interest rates on Spark Lend which uses the DSR, rather than the utilization rate, as a basis for the borrow interest rate.

Over 75k Validators In Queue For Staking

The validator queue wait time for staking on Ethereum is now over 30 days in length. According to data from validatorqueue.com, over 75k validators representing roughly 2.4 million ether are currently in the queue. There are currently 593k active validators securing the network with 19 million ether at stake. There is also close to no wait time for exiting a validator from the network.

Uniswap Mobile App V1.6 Release

And lastly, Uniswap released v1.6 of its mobile wallet app. The new release includes an updated onboarding flow, support for scanning QR codes, and a fiat on-ramp via MoonPay. The Uniswap mobile wallet was released for all iOS users in April and supports swaps on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. While the app does not support NFT trading, users can still browse NFT collections.